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Nintendo Talks Splatoon 2 Online Voice Chat

The latest edition of UK gaming publication GamesTM contains an interview with the Splatoon 2 developers who discussed the game’s online voice chat that will be enabled by the Online Lobby & Voice Chat app which is coming to mobile devices this summer.

“There is no need for concern. The reason we included voice chat is because we wanted users who already know each other to enjoy the game more deeply using a communication tool that’s linked to the game.” Producer Hisashi Nogami adds “Voice chat can only be used when playing with someone you know, such as in private matchmaking; voice chat with someone you don’t know in random matchmaking won’t happen.”

Splatoon 2 producer Shintaro Sato also talked about the various unlockables in the game saying “You can utilise in multiplayer mode the things achieved in Hero Mode even more than the previous game, and conversely you can also utilise in Hero Mode what you achieve in multiplayer mode, so please look forward to that.”


76 thoughts on “Nintendo Talks Splatoon 2 Online Voice Chat”

  1. I want to say that’s how it’s supposed to be in ALL multiplayer games: Only being able to use voice chat with friends/people you know. But then again coming up with strategies and other gameplay plans with random people can be useful as well…..but there’s also the chance you may end up speaking with some kid who’s super toxic and stuff.

    1. Just add a mute function like a million other games have. Sometimes it’s good to be able to talk to strangers

      1. The problem with mute as an option is that you’re disadvantaged against players not muting. I love Splatoon because I don’t have to listen to the crap AND I don’t feel like I’m hurting the team by turning them off. Small team games (Dota, Left 4 Dead, etc) tend toward particularly toxic behavior that has no place in a Nintendo game.

    2. Do you play overwatch? If you don’t than you are a moron to think talking to random people should be how online gaming works. Overwatch is you playing with random people and working together, because the entire game is that. I’m so done with Nintendo.

      1. You sound like a moron because 90% of the people playing Overwatch with their mics on are annoying and or dumb as shit and suck at the game, the only people I know that talk with each other online are people who already know each other and are doing so in Private Chat Parties.

        1. I’m playing it on PC and PS4. What about you? Are you playing it on Switch? Oh yeah, forgot, that can’t happen since switch is weak. Ma bad. And people don’t mute idiot, you have to go into the game chat to actually talk. Me and my friend party chat and switch to game chat. Almost every game I’ve played has people talking, but then again, I play competitive and it’s on season 4. Changes are you aren’t playing it and if you are, what’s your tag and I’ll play with my crew and show you.

        1. I’m done giving them any money. When you give me something to actually play, then I’ll jump back on. Until, failure is awaiting you bro. And it’s looking like damage control is part of your hobbies

      2. They’ve given us plenty to play, but you bitch about every single thing. Looks like trolling is part of yours. You’ll be a lot happier in life when you remove thee stick from thy butt.

        1. Again. I have a Switch. You want my code? You can add me on the shit if you think I’m just trolling. And I’m not gonna rebuy Mario kart 8 and other ports on other systems and mobile devices. That’s a fail. If you don’t own it, more power to you, but give me games. Zelda was a game. I haven’t seen anything since Zelda. Xenoblade and an actual good Mario game is coming in xmas. Maybe they can try to pull a persona 5 with Shin that is coming out next year. But Splatoon, which even I was looking forward to is a pass when the game feels like a 1.5 than a part 2. Again, keep getting on your knees when Nintendo releases crap every single time. When an actual good content comes out, I’ll buy it. I’m not buying half baked ports.

    3. This decision does not reassure quality of future online services.
      Nintendo needs to stop being so ancient. They need to get with the times and embrace the online community.
      Vocal violence hardly ever happens anymore because of simple moderation/reporting and muting. These features are not impossible to implement, they have been around for over a decade.
      This company needs to drop the baby bottle already, the milk is getting rotten and gross.

      1. Did any of you actually consider that they 1. asked their customers 2. have studied toxic online environments and simply do not want one?

        I have yet to understand why people keep crying “missteps” when success is staring them in the face. It is working, for them (Nintendo), the majority of their customers and the people still clamoring to buy one of these things *without any sort of online ‘voice chat’ at all* at this time.

        And look at the comments here with all of the rage. *These* are the people clamoring for this more than anyone.

        This notion of “baby” and “children” is a straw man. I’m a grown man and have Zero Interest *whatsoever* after a day’s work and wanting to relax and play video games…in having that experience sullied by some child or their 20-something cohort spewing expletive after expletive while I am shattering their already shaky egos in some game because they need to practice more.

        I’d rather play with people with better control of their mouths *and* their controllers.

        1. You completely ignored the point…It’s not just about voice chat, it’s about how they are handling it and how that foreshadows what is to come (or rather what isnt to come).
          And again moderation, MODERATION, MODERATION! It isn’t rocket science.

    1. Dude, Nintendo is just dumb. Another idiotic move. They take one step forward and two steps back. I’m not buying this shit. I’m tired of wasting bread on half backed old systems and games. Dudes remind me of apple. Using old tech and selling it like ground breaking.

        1. It is, bro. Dudes use to cater to everyone. Castlevania, Final Fantasy, Zelda, hard Mario games, Metroid. We don’t even get a Metroid or F-Zero. We get these pussy easy games like Mario World 3D with cats running around. Lolol. Mario Kart 8 with no comp since the N64 days. 8 may be the best Mario kart, but it is easy as shit compared to the others. Dudes wanna just keep catering to kids and not even to their own older crowd that’s been with them since day one. Nintendo is like rare: a shell of their own self. And these losers on here will comment back damage controlling Nintendo since they worship them and the piece of plastic they give them in a box called Wii U and Nintendo Switch. SMH

      1. @Thanos vasiliou except it clearly isn’t anymore. Have you seen any advertisements for the switch? They are trying to cater to adult nintendo fans, the functionality of the switch are things that they believe adults want, people that have to take business trips, or dont have the time to be at home all the time.

        1. Cool. I’ll love to take the switch on my road trips, but took bad it dies every hour or so. Shit dies so fast even with airplane mode and wifi off. Dim light, I get 2 hours for Zelda and maybe 2 with Street fighter or something else. Battery life is crap. Awesome idea Nintendo, can’t give us the option to use a better battery by unscrewing the switch? Of course not, that’s Nintendo.

        1. Yes. Adult games like Overwatch, Uncharted 4, Zero Horizon Dawn, Until Dawn, Blood borne, Life is Strange, Halo, Gears, Recore, FF15. But adult games for Nintendo are Mario and Zelda, Snipper clips, Arms, 1,2 switch. Fucking sad

      2. @Thanos vasilion and iambossassbitch Then you are just apart of the problem of them trying to get back in the game. I criticize them from time to time, but I don’t not falter to buy games for the system. Hating a company is not the way to go specially if they helped get you the other company systems…as if I have to remind you.

        Remember, It was nintendo that got you playstation and saved xbox from death on their first system by selling rareware (to whom they destroyed many great games like banjo, still upset at them for that).

        So sitting there saying “I’m not buying this crap” or “nintendo is for kids” sure makes you look like a hater. And to me, haters are the main problem of gaming today…in other words, as of now to me, your both looking like a Blackb0nd jr. I would fix that if I were you…>_O

        1. Wait, what? Are you serious? Sony made a deal with Nintendo, Nintendo didn’t make Some. Wtf are you talking about? Nintendo, like always, failed so hard to make a standing deal stick and Sony told them F off. Sony made the product and Nintendo was going to push it. Facts? I think so because Sony dropped a disc based system a few years later, and Nintendo was still fucking playing the carts game. Nintendo didn’t make Sony bro, Nintendo made enemy for themselves. Sony has killed them each gen expect Wii. And let’s no forget how awesome wii was. Everyone has one, not every one played it. Biggest fucking install base and game library, and good games didn’t even crack 3 million. And you calling me BB? Dude, you guys worship plastic on a daily. I don’t hate Nintendo, I hate the idiotic practices. It’s 2017!!!!! You guys are still on fucking 720p and can’t even make a game run steady at 30FPS on your own first party title (breath of the wild) get the fuck out of here with that BS. And Xbox was made because they saw Sony killing the business after PS1, and Xbox is complete trash. Xbox 1 was a flop, Xbox 360 finally made money for Microsoft after their last year when they were selling 4GB systems for pennies, and their Xbox 1, which is weaker than the PS4 and barely does it’s only 1080P at 60FPS as well can’t even get third party games to go to it’s system. All they have is gears, halo and a car game. Nintendo wants to recycle the same Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon crap on a daily. You guys wanna buy it, that’s cool, but I’m not going to support crap. I got a switch, yeah. I got it for Zelda. I don’t play it anymore. I’m not gonna buy a port of Street fighter or arms or Splatoon 2 that doesn’t even offer me voice chat again! You giving me voice chat for party and you’re going to make me pay for that shit and I can’t talk to strangers who I will most likely be in most games with? Gtfoh. I don’t respect black bond cause his videos are just targeting people to get his hits, and i explosed him on Twitter for that shit, but dude is right on one thing: Nintendo fans will always get on their knees for anything Nintendo pushes out no matter how bad it is. Always and forever and that’s why you get crap

      3. Snowman (@Snowman_2002) Wrong.
        SW-7650-0724-5321= Sammus2 =My switch ID.
        That means i got switch and also i am hardcore Nintendo fan more than the fucking Ps4 and i dont even need to mention the xbox.

        So all the hated shit you mention doesn’t count on me. well for the other guy i dont care. you probably right for him
        There is no reasson not to buy a switch. even for been overpriced as hell. compared to ps4. and im even talking about the “right now” price.
        Im talking about for things like if you spend freaking money to switch you only have some kind of games.
        No doom 4 no Gta V no witcher 3 no future for big games. and what that means? you have to spend MONEY again and get a ps4 so you have the SAFETY for the future third party support.
        And thats why Switch is over priced. doesn’t have All the content that is should had like ps4 and even xbox have.

        1. My switch gamer tag: SW-3151-1792-7624. M-Reckless.

          And why, in 2017, do I have to give you numbers code instead of a simple username that you either accept or don’t on the friend request. Nintendo promotion is being social but you keeping dudes isolated with your practices around connecting with others? Another failure practice. Wii u didn’t have codes. Why are we moving backwards here?
          I have a switch brother. I got mine for 100 dollars as a gift from my time working at Best buy. I have a hate love relationship with Nintendo because of stupid practices. Like making 32GB standard again? Like releasing the system with no games? Like failing to make a decent powered system to actually receive good third party ports? Like paying 300 for a system than a memory card or a charger for the controller? Failure. It’s not hate, it’s facts. 70 dollars for a pro controller when the Wii u pro controller is cheaper and gives you 80 hours of battery life? 300 dollars, one game at release. No media content. No internet browser for a quick search. I don’t wanna look for my phone. Xbox and PS4 are at 250 right now and a free game. That’s the issue. It’s not hate, it’s stupid business practices. Having a press conference in January and not even explaining online to your fans? Not discussing the price point? Having free games every month that you don’t keep? And they are old NES and SNES games again. And I’m hating? It’s dumb stuff, and as a fan, I want better crap than this when I’m dropping paper on your product. Just plain and simple.

      4. It seems I struck a nerve…

        “Nintendo is for Kids only thats why they dont care for adaults”

        Perhaps you need to becareful on how you say things. -`.- then again I do think they are changing from that fucking past a little bit. Nothing annoyed me more than to hear “kiddie”, “medicore”, and “hardcore”, just made all of us gamers looks bad.

        1. That wasn’t my comment, was it? Go from NES to Switch, tell me the list of third party developers missing from Nintendo, and then tell me the number of games first party Nintendo dropped that are for “kids” or for everyone. When I worked at Best buy, we always sold Wii and Wii U has a family system. We never sold it as an everything system. PS4 and X1 we sold as that. Wii U and Switch just doesn’t offer everything to every gamer. They have focused only on casual gamers since Wii and thats why they are fucked up. It’s not about us who actually wanna see real games dropped, and it’s about those fucking casual idiots that don’t even play games. And that’s where business practices fuck up. I have all systems, but sony is dominating because the cater to everyone, not just one. And Xbox somewhat does, but Phil Spencer is going towards a online only approach and trying to kill of single player games. Good luck to him when Xbox dies. He’s trying to Target???? Casual fucking gamers. And no one wins with that shit.

      5. Snowman (@Snowman_2002) Switch is a kiddie console.
        When the whole library is about cartoon graphics..yes it is a kiddie console.
        IF switch had games like destiny 2, Battlefront, Red Dead Redemption 2-3-4, Witcher 3-4-5-6-7
        then that makes the switch a normal console for all the ages. But when the only option is Cartoon graphics.with mario now zelda and even xenoblade… then it is settled as a kiddie console. because there are no OPTIONS for other games.
        I preffer Arms-smash Vs mortal combat or tekken
        i preffer Splatoon vs overwatch
        i preffer Zelda botw vs Horizon or Witcher 3
        still it is a kiddie console.

        Also im not like “iambigboss” i dont say things like “mario recycle” or “splatoon 2”
        The new mario is nothing than a recycle it is a real 3d mario that have to come alive long time ago.
        Also arms and splatoon 2 they are gonna be one of the best games for 2017. this reallity.

        1. You’re whole argument fell in my book. It’s a kiddie console but you prefer the kiddie games and complaining it doesn’t have the other games? And when did I say the new Mario is recycled? I said Mario is recycled stuff because it is. I said I’m waiting for Xmas to get it? Sounds like a like of damage control and back peddling on your end bro. New Super Mario Bros hasn’t been New since DS. It was DS, then sent on the Wii, 3DS, and Wii U. Mario 3D Land was fucking amazing, and than they ported it with a cat power up on the Wii U. It was a boring game. And did you play test fire on Splatoon 2? I didn’t say it’s a bad game, it’s just not a part 2. Everyone who reviewed the test fire said the same thing. Its no different than part 1 and doesn’t feel like a part 2. It feels like a part 1 but just enhanced a bit. And will see about arms selling or flopping. I’m going with the latter.

          1. 4-5 days ago i said almost the same thing for mario 3d world when i was making a point for how bad the wii u console was for not having a Core mario game like n64 Mario 64 or gamecube the Mario sunshine or Wii the mario galaxy. Wii u had a multiplayer port from 3ds.

            I missed the point you said you want the new mario for xmas.

            Also when i am saying i prefer i mean i just like them more. while i am still playing Overwatch or hots. doesn’t mean i want them to gone.

            Also if a game sold good or it didn’t is irrelevant for how good the game is since many good games sold bad and many shit games sold good. and arms is already proven nice game.
            Also me and you we dont own the company so we can call a game a “success”. For this to be done only need to be good enough for the people who buying the game. not for how it will sells.

            Also you people want splatoon 2 to bew brand new? its mathematically impossible. it already happend with splatoon 1.
            Splatoon 2 got new weapons new stages new story this is the definition for part 2. This is how this game will be evolved.. all these reviewers for saying Splatoon 2 like 1 are just stupid fucks. Not because it isn’t but because it Cant be done differently otherwise it will not be A splatoon game and will be something else. simple as that.

            Also i heared “reviewers” saying destiny 2 is the same like the 1….holly shit really? who the fuck is buying a destiny game and waiting to play doom 5?. you buy destiny to play DESTINY. and this is what it is the destiny 2. New game new dungeons with the same philosophy gameplay from destiny…you know ..because it should be like that

            The reviewers sounds so stupid that they are like :
            the new expantion from world of warcraft is bad because it is the same game like the old expantion…

            Btw for the most games like splatoon or cod or fifa or what ever..when they make a aannouncement for part 2 in fact it is just a expantion. this is how the console games are. and you have to pay for it for the new features and content

      6. Aaaaaannnnnnnnd….triggered…got the wonderful people fighting.

        xD LOLOLOLOL ROLMAO!!!!!!!!!!11111!!1!!!!!!!11111!!!

        even giving me their switch codes…wonderful. Guess I should do the same. Naaaah. Unless you two want my code.

      7. Just add me you bitch!!! if you dont add me that means it is you who is triggered !!!:P
        also we dont fighting..we are just done a public sex..wait..what time is it? 15:03? HOLLY SHIT I LATE !!!!!!!! ARMS!! HERE I COME

        1. I added you and arms sucks. Shit is mad slow pace, boring as fuck, and it doesn’t keep me pass 5 minutes. I’m getting Splatoon for free, so I guess I’ll see you on that shit unless you’re getting SF2 after the price drop in July.

    2. iambigboss is the type of individual that drives these decisions. My favorite comment is “it dies in an hour”. I fly several times/month with (one of) my Switch(es). This would be a futile exercise indeed for an hour of gameplay (chuckle).

      Anecdote after anecdote, mention of titles on *other systems* (so they don’t need to be on this one…right)…this fake narrative that there are no “hard games” or “adult” games on the Switch platform (heheh)…uses the word “ports” without a clear understanding of the concept (as I am a software engineer by trade, this is especially ‘cringey’ to me since -middleware- is a ‘thing’…) let me tell you who this “persona” is –

      THIS guys is the same guy back in the Wii era that railed against Nintendo for “ruining gaming”…who denigrates the, by far, largest and most profitable segment of the industry, mobile gaming, and everything else that doesn’t fit into his particular ‘world view; what is ‘supposed’ to be happening…regardless of all evidence to the contrary.

      Well…here is what’s happening – Nintendo is running their race and are seemingly doing just “Tickety-boo” with all of these *awful* choices that seem to be oddly not stopping people from wanting to buy the things week after weary week…so maybe it is time to change this narrative?

      1. I barely understand the things you said mister philosopher engineer.

        “Anecdote after anecdote, mention of titles on *other systems*”

        The problem with the switch is that it doesn’t have Third party support. No Dark souls 3 or the next dark souls 4 no doom 4-5 No Destiny 2. nothing. and all that left on switch is cartoon graphics. people buying switch so they will play cartoon graphics. while the rest world will buy a ps4 because it has everything. Exclusives+ FULL Third party support. While switch got only exclusives. and very overpriced console also.

      2. i forgot to mention i am a hardcore nintendo fan and i dont have ps4 i sold it. and i dont not share the same “ideas” like the “iambigboss”
        I bitching of the “no voice chat” for splatoon. but i dont give a fuck in reallity for my personal experiance. i just talking because it should be there !! if i want to team up i will use skype like we all do when we play overwatch or any pc game wit friends…i mean…who the fuck is using on pc atleast ..the Ingame voice chat:P
        Also switch is overpriced because Nintendo dont give a fuck about third party support. and they forcing us to buy another console also. so we can play all the games as real gamers.

  2. I’m personally fine with this. I turn voice chat off when playing overwatch with strangers because 90% of the time it’s annoying and distracting. The only time I use voice chat is when playing with a friend I know irl lol

    1. I’ll assume you don’t play ranked in Overwatch, because voice chat is pretty important and can be crucial in competitive mode.

  3. Voice chat is only fun if you’re talking with people you know anyways because no rando is gonna listen to you. Then you’re just distracted by everyone yelling at eachother more than actually helping each other. Voice chat with friends is a must have tho.

  4. If I wanted a headache I’d just play banging noises up to my ear instead of going to the effort to listen strangers on an online game.

    As long as I can talk to my friends while playing I’m good, thanks Nintendo.

  5. Hmmm…well if you ask me, “being buddies only” kind of defeats the purpose of having chat in the first place…Then again, those annoying people like kids screaming “letgoletgoletgo now nownownownownow!”, however there are alot, there are also alot of intelligent good players too…over all to me, happy the effort is there, but whats the point if its limited? Sigh…still don’t get it yet about the west huh nintendo?

  6. Fine by me. I just told someone yesterday that if there’s one thing I like about Splatoon above all other shooters, it’s that I don’t have to listen to other people talk. I have never been in a situation where my random teammates used voice chat to actually strategize. I either get some meat heads who make stupid comments, or what sounds like irritating, prepubescent girls.

  7. Nintendo being Nintendo – 1 step forward, 3 steps back, haha. I personally don’t understand how anyone can defend this decision. If you don’t have any interest to talk to or listen to strangers, fair enough, just mute them. But in a game where teamplay and coordination is so important, especially in ranked, voice chat can matter so much, whether or not you know the people on your team doesn’t change any of that; needless to say that there are enough people who care about communication with their team mates.
    Really not sure why people are so terrified of options. Just because the voice chat feature is included, doesn’t mean you’re forced to use it. But why give others something when yourself wouldn’t use it, amirite. Unbelievable how selfish some people can be, haha.

    Disregarding the incredibly ridiculous fact that you’ll need a seperate app on a seperate device to use voice chat with people you know, I won’t even get started on that.

    1. You people keep using that steps analogy, but they’re clearly doing something right considering how things have been going. And if you want to see the reasoning, read the above comments. As an avid Halo player, I HATE online chat. And if I play with friends, we chat over skype. I don’t need to hear “camper, hacker, etc” coming from kids all the time.

      But I love people are so upset over an app when it’s no different from using skype or discord.

      1. So just because *you* hate online chat, and are not capable of just muting unpleasant people, which by the way are the vocal minority, voice chat shouldn’t be a thing in a game millions are going to play? *You* not liking the feature is supposed to be a reasonable argument for Nintendo being so damn backwards about the whole thing? Okay then, lul.

        Also, Discord and Skype don’t let you talk to team mates you meet in random matchmaking, so that’s completely irrelevant to the point in question.
        But even if this was about talking to people you do know, I never said Discord and Skype are a good option for this. Discord and Skype are a good option for games you play on PC, because Discord and Skype are on PC, the very same device you are playing your game on. How about Nintendo provides something like, I don’t know, a voice chat feature directly implemented into the console, like other companies have been doing for more than 10 years now? So I won’t have to go through the hassle of setting up an extra device whenever I feel like using something as utterly simple as voice chat, but instead can start talking to my buddies in a matter of seconds by joining party chat and dropping them an invitation? Is that concept really so difficult to grasp? Haha.

    2. You people keep using that steps analogy, but they’re clearly doing something right considering how things have been going. And if you want to see the reasoning, read the above comments. As an avid Halo player, I hate online chat. And if I play with friends, we chat over skype. I don’t need to hear “camper, hacker, etc” coming from kids all the time.

      But I love people are so upset over an app when it’s no different from using skype or discord.

  8. Nintendo and online is well 2006 in terms of consoles. I love Nintendo games but for example Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has lag, hitting issues and player invisibility or non disappearing item boxes etc. Arms has the same issues from time to time in the Testpunch and connection issues that are really concerning. Splatoon 2 and Splatoon have Matchmaking systems that often leave you alone with 2-3 vs 4 in ranked matches and usual lobbies. And now you have a voice chat with an app…great. No difference to skype, discord or every other messenger on a smartphone or notebook. I believe its outdated multiplayer experience.

  9. Oh boy nintendo is making a stupid App ONLY for mobile phones just so you can listen to the game sounds of your friends GREAT IDEA.

    No I will just be using discord on my phone or laptop. an program I can use for ANY game.

  10. Just make everyone you play with your friend and eventually you’ll have so many people added that it’ll be like the game has voice chat on for everyone.

    Flawless idea.

    Or Nintendo could just implement optional voice chat with mute options like every other competant shooter on the market ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. I still don’t believe in pushing an app for voice chat purposes when it can just be put in the game’s own programming. Don’t want to talk, or hear others talk? Use the mute function, it takes like 5 seconds to mute that annoying idiot who complains every time he gets hit by the Splatterscope user.

    Just put the option to use VC or not to use VC in the actual game where it belongs.

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