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Square Enix Says They Will Have Something To Say About Dragon Quest XI For Switch When Timing Is Right

Square Enix has been extremely secretive about the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of the highly anticipated Dragon Quest XI. They have spoken at length about the PlayStation 4 version of Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time, but have rarely mentioned the Nintendo Switch version which is due out this fall in Japan. However, during the Dragon Quest X live stream the team said that they will have something to say about the game when the timing is just right.

“We can’t say about anything concrete regarding the Switch version of Dragon Quest XI,” Horii said. “When the timing comes that we can say something… there are grown-up reasons.”

Saito continued, “When the time that we can say something does come, I think we’ll have something to say, so if you can please wait.”

Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii added that “there are various circumstances.”



  1. after playing dq8 on 3ds, this franchise has my full attention. dq11 on switch would be amazing.

    1. *One year later*

      Square Enix: “With the game out on PS4 and 3DS, now is the time to finally talk about Dragon Quest XI on the Nintendo Switch…… It will not be coming to the system. Thank you.”

      (I kid! We’ll see what happens)

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