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Check Out The Nintendo Switch Summer Trailer

Nintendo of America have put together a brand new trailer showcasing the Nintendo Switch titles that will be available at retailers this summer. There’s plenty to get excited about including ARMS, Splatoon 2, and the recently announced Pokkén Tournament DX. It should be a good summer for Nintendo Switch owners that’s for sure. Be sure to check out the commercial for the platform and its summer releases, below.

6 thoughts on “Check Out The Nintendo Switch Summer Trailer”

  1. Only Splatoon 2 for me, but still looking forward to it. I was originally planning to buy it later, when the price goes down, but considering payed online services coming in 2018, I’ll probably buy it at launch.

  2. Ok this is my perspective.

    Splatoon 2 is the best game in this trailer. Splatoon 2 is one of the games I’m surely going to buy.
    ARMS is cool but it’s not one of my favorite game.
    Pokemon No.

  3. Im pretty sure is fair to say that smash will be ported to the switch. With Kart8 having the splatoon characters on the port, does anyone think that smash will be recieving some ARMS characters?

    I know its off topic, but ive been thinking about that lately.

    1. I think it would be pretty cool but with the inevitable smash port I don’t see them adding more characters . I mean there’s 50 characters already which is a lot. Im still purchasing it either way tho lol I hope they do add in characters but im not going to get my hopes up for it. I really hope they announce the port at E3 tho

      1. Well I only say that because so far both deluxe ports have had characters added to them. Kart and Pokken. But, lets hope at E3 we get thar announcement.

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