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NBA Playgrounds Patch Is Expected To Be Released Next Week

The much-anticipated patch for NBA Playgrounds, which unlocks features for the Nintendo Switch title and halves the file size and more, should be released next week. The news comes as nag_dabbit on Reddit captured an exchange between the NBA Playgrounds Twitter account and a fan. You can see it for yourself below:


We’ll keep a close eye on our sources and let you know when the patch becomes available to download.


24 thoughts on “NBA Playgrounds Patch Is Expected To Be Released Next Week”

            1. how exacly on the Nba article who end up to put links for zelda vs horizon :PPPPP i give up :PPPP To much notification on me you realu love me right?:D the last 10 are just from you :P

      1. But but this isn’t anymore a Sonian. He’s an Activision agent and he must deserve a place on the Switch. Just like the Blue hedgehog.

        If I see The plumber, the blue hedgehog and this bandicoot on smash, Nintendo wins the most beatiful crossover fighting ever. Even Sony can’t do that. Oh wait. Playstation All-Star battle royal. Mmmm is that a Super Smash Bros version of Sony?

                  1. I understand what you write here. But for what I think, having the Bandicoot on the Switch will give some more credit to the Switch. Just think about Sonic on Nintendo console. Come on it’s not bad.

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