Japan Is Getting A Pokemon Escape Room

Escape room experiences seem to be popular at the moment with the US and the UK previously having had a Zelda-themed escape room for fans to experience. Now Pokemon fans, in Japan at least, have the opportunity to join in the excitement but with a Pokemon Escape room. Pokémon × Real Escape Game is launching to celebrate the release of the upcoming Pokémon The Movie 20: I Choose You! and it is focused on the escape from the mysterious Pokémon Ho-Oh. It starts on 13 July in Japan across eight cities.

Hopefully Professor Oak will be on hand to give players some hints.

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  1. ||I will try it some day, but once a Metroid one is created I’ll be there in 500 steps…||

      1. ||You will only make it to your closest supermarket Ambassador, you’re too tiny, you will have to be on top of one of my legs so I can carry you…||

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