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Microïds Reveal Nintendo Switch Line-up Including Syberia

Microïds is proud to present its line-up of upcoming releases! Traditionally a publisher of multi-platform games, Microïds is expanding its catalogue while confirming its support for French production and its desire to reach out to as many players as possible by developing most of its titles for the Nintendo Switch as well.

“The Nintendo Switch perfectly reflects Nintendo’s DNA, and for them innovation and new ways of playing have always been a priority. We share the same vision as Nintendo, and so naturally we wanted to offer players the chance to play our titles on this new platform.” – Vice-President of Microïds.

Here’s the games coming to Nintendo’s latest video game platform:

  • Syberia 1
  • Syberia 2
  • Syberia 3
  • Gear.Club
  • Flashback Remastered
  • Blacksad


    1. Same..Metroid gaming univerce is my favorite. i am just waiting the day on e3 for metroid prime 4…2017?2018?2040? i dont care just make it happend. On pc? On pc4? on switch 2? i dont care. (Not xbox i will laughter all the xbox company to stop them from these plans to make them happend)

      1. Me too. I remember finishing negroid Prime at 97% without a memory card. 21 hrs non-stop. It’s the longest stretch I’ve ever been on in gaming

    1. SimonSp you make these mocking Deluxe jokes again :D
      It is ironic…………. but these jokes you made for the deluxe word are old already and by Making the same jokes on a new version know..isn’t it like your Jokes are like a “Deluxe Jokes” also? pretty ironic :D

      1. Ok…. But I still love to say Deluxe on everything.

        Anyway why your name is Thanos vasiliou and not Thanos vasiliou Deluxe?

  1. Shame that I finished the Syberia I and II few months ago :-/ I’d probably but the first one on Switch, but the second one was not that great, and the third one looks strange, although I didn’t play it yet.

  2. Id be very interested to re try the Syberia Series. The first one was really cool on original Xbox. Never finished it or went far with it though.

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