Capcom Has Filed A Trademark For “Monster Hunter: World” In The U.S

It looks as though something is brewing over at Capcom regarding the popular Monster Hunter series. The company has just trademarked something called Monster Hunter: World in the United States. There are no specific platforms mentioned and it could well be an online Monster Hunter title. No doubt we will hear more about the game at E3 2017, which starts next week.




        1. Well, openworld do most of the time sux. It’s just an excuse to water down gameplay with unnecessary travelig time, and one of Monster Hunter main gameplay mechanics is to hunt and find monster. In an openworld setting monsters would either be spotted at once, or you would use a good amount of time tracking it down; which would slow down the excellent fast paced gameplay.

          1. ||They can always tweak the standard formula if they find a way around it to maintain the Monster Hunter essence while expanding the world a bit more…||

                1. By the way, Commander. I heard rumours of your long awaited Switch-entré. If I could get the permission to ask; do we have a friendcode to swap, Sir?

                  1. ||Indeed you may, it’s located under my ID section…||

                    1. ||Good, yes High Command and their limitations sometimes…||

        1. Ofc. Probably 99,9999999% of any public statement in the videogame industry is meant to convince childminded gamers to support their company, or justify some shady/lazy business. Reggie is one of the first who comes to mind here.

      1. Well, I have to swallow my own words (That’s an expression in Norwegian at least), it seems MH World is open-world. But Capcom stated it wouldn’t fit, I’m still standing by that

  1. If I can’t play it offline as well then I’m not touching it. F!@K this always online trend these C@ck sucker AAA publishers are forcing onto the masses. I have nothing against online but these companies are using online only as a way to charge people for a separate online service outside of paying a retail price of $60-100+ for one game, and that’s excluding the micro transactions and other useless content.
    every online only console game has everyone paying $60 for online just to play a few sh!tty games that rely on micro transactions, and when I hear Capcom saying something like”for the west” I know it’s not gonna be good especially given their history with f@cking over gamers with Capcoms given aggressive history with paid content on their retail games.

    1. I might be wrong, this may only be MHXX being prepared for the west and Monster Hunters World may only be the title changed from double cross or XX.
      I lost my sh!t there for a minute, I seriously can’t take anymore of this always online micro transaction BS, and the mere thought of this AAA always online micro transaction BS trend throws me into an instant malicious filled rage.

  2. I think it’s a theme park. Capcom is going to clone dinosaurs and mess with their DNA to create the monsters from the game. Visitors will have the chance to pay a premium rate to hunt them. There’s nothing to suggest that’ll all go wrong is there?

    1. ||I will go there and speed up the process of releasing these beasts…||

  3. Every time I hear about games like Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, or Final Fantasy, I feel bad because I’ve never played a single one in either series. There’s always a part of me that’s wondering if I’m overlooking something I might actually love.

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