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Miyamoto: Pikmin 4 Is “Progressing”

Two years ago, Pikmin 4 was announced to be in development. As time has passed, fans are understandably looking for updates on its progression, especially given the fact that Miyamoto advised that the game was “very close to completion” in July last year.

Eurogamer spoke to Miyamoto at E3 and asked for an update on the game, to which he responded, “I’ve been told not to share anything about this from PR,” Miyamoto laughed, “but I can tell you it is progressing.”

Following on from Miyamoto’s statement, Eurogamer followed this up with Nintendo who advised, “We can confirm that Pikmin 4 is in development but that is all we can confirm at present.”

Hopefully there will be more news in coming months regarding the games development and eventual release, we will keep you posted.



20 thoughts on “Miyamoto: Pikmin 4 Is “Progressing””

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||If you enjoy tactical plans, strategy, have patience and are organised then yes…||

    2. They’re pretty good. If you want to see what they’re like, I would suggest the first one. Haven’t played 2, so I can’t suggest it; and I thought the 3rd one was too easy. In the first one you crash land on a planet and have 30 days to find enough pieces of your ship to escape the planet before you run out of oxygen. You can have up to 100 pikmin follow you and assign them to different tasks such as bringing materials back to the ship, fighting enemies, destroying obstacles, and building bridges. Plus each Pikmin has certain abilities that the others don’t. It involves quite a bit of strategy and task management.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||You should play the second one, the final boss is something to enjoy…||

          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

            ||Unfortunately I haven’t tried the Wii versions, but it’s likely that it’s better to be more accurate…||

            ||My Switch code is in my profile if you want to add me…||

      2. i’d reccomend wii ports over gamecube just because the gamecube versions lock aiming and moving to the same stick. first ones nice but i liked 3 slightly more. i thought 3 was easy when i played it first (except the ending) but when i went back to replay 1 i thought it was pretty easy too unless you run out of days. 2 is definitely the best but it might water down the first and third for you.

        1. I’ll say this. The end of 3 was pretty crazy. It took me a few tries to get through it. I agree on 1. Once you get the pattern down, it’s simple, but still fun to replay.

  1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!}

    More like it was nearly complete back in late 2015 but when Nintendo saw the writing on the wall & decided to give up on Wii U, they immediately started working on porting Pikmin 4 to the Switch while also integrating something into it the Switch can do that the Wii U couldn’t. So now the word is “it’s progressing” instead of “very close to completion.”

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