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Japan: Dragon Quest XI Direct Coming June 21st Focussing On Nintendo 3DS

Without a doubt one of the biggest games that Japanese gamers are looking forward to this year is Dragon Quest XI on the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. We don’t know a massive amount of details regarding the game so it makes sense for Square Enix to hold a Nintendo Direct presentation to provide more details. This particular Direct focusses on the Nintendo 3DS version, but hopefully they will tease the Nintendo Switch game. The Dragon Quest XI Nintendo Direct will be roughly 14 minutes long on June 21st.

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  1. I’m guessing the localization of this will be one of the 2018 games that they’re hoping to continue pushing systems with. Not sure how that’ll work out with what is sure to be a better version on Switch.


    1. I’m frankly surprised the 3DS can handle it at all. I would think they would at least use the New 3DS small bump in strength, but I don’t know if they are even doing that.


      1. Ah. Yeah, I saw more on that after I commented. Very cool. the 3DS version looks quite fun, even if it will no doubt be graphically inferior to switch version.


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