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Digital Foundry Takes On The Pokkén Tournament DX E3 Demo

pokken tournament for Nintendo Switch

The technology enthusiasts over at Digital Foundry have had a new game to examine and test and that is the Pokkén Tournament Deluxe E3 demo on the Nintendo Switch. The team says the demo runs at a buttery smooth 60fps and has a resolution of 1280×720. For comparison the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament was 960×720. Digital Foundry also says that the filtering of the image has been improved too in the Nintendo Switch version of the game. You can check out their findings and impressions in the video, below.

5 thoughts on “Digital Foundry Takes On The Pokkén Tournament DX E3 Demo”

    1. Smash will make its way soon. I have no doubt about that there’s no reason not to bring it over unless they have a new smash Bros which would be good news too. Their probly saving it for next year to fill up the schedule

  1. @ cubits I’m hoping for all of those as well. If they can hammer out another Zelda using the same engine in this cycle, Nintendo should have no problem pulling in additional “core” gamers, provided there’s enough interesting titles between them. “MK9” by 2019 or 2020 would follow the normal cycle of 4-5 years between major console releases. The MK8 port could slow that progress a bit, but should be offset by combining the portable and home console teams.

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