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Steel Diver Developer Would Like To Work On F-Zero Game

While Giles Godfrey initially worked for Nintendo on games like Super Mario 64 and 1080° Snowboarding, the developer eventually left the company to start his own studio. However, Godfrey continued his relationship with Nintendo and most recently co-developed Steel Diver: Sub Wars and Tank Troopers for the 3DS. In an interview with Source Gaming, Godfrey was asked what Nintendo properties he would be interested in working on. While he shot down their suggestion of Star Fox, he voiced an interest in the F-Zero franchise. Check out the full interview here.

Are there any series from Nintendo that you would like to work on? How about a Star Fox?

No. F-Zero would be an interesting one. I don’t think they would ever….because the expectations for these old-school games are so high now. The last F-Zero game was…F-Zero GX…and that was really expensive. It has to be bigger and better than F-Zero GX, and that would be a huge risk for them. Having said that…I really like the original F-Zero. I never got into GX as it felt more and more like Wipeout. The faster and more wide angle it got, the more Wipeout it felt. To me, F-Zero is all about those tight courses with the tight bends, and the skidding around and drifting. I’d love to go back and visit that kind of control scheme but make it a smaller experience. I don’t think they would as their current philosophy is just bigger and better.


23 thoughts on “Steel Diver Developer Would Like To Work On F-Zero Game”

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||No thank you, GX was the pinacle of F-Zero and the music fit perfectly as well for that kind of style…||

    1. Precisely. We NEED another F-Zero in the vein of GX/AX- the thirty machines on the track, the two-minute lap courses, the incredible speed that makes me quote Spaceballs’ hilarious “ludicrous speed” scene… If the Cube could do it, why couldn’t Switch?

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||It only needs to be expanded but with a huge focus on online multiplayer too obviously…||

        1. While I would LOVE 30 player races, I realize that might be a bit much. I can say 12-16 player online races would satisfy me; if Mario Kart can do it, F-Zero won’t have a problem.

    1. I prefer Nintendo work on Star Fox instead of these developers. They take some ideas of Star Fox games and putted on Steel Diver.

      Let Mister Miyamoto or Dylan Cuthbert doing a new Star Fox game.

  2. Just give us a proper F-Zero GX sequel. Plz don’t let the steel diver developer do it. He wants to revert back to the older F-Zeros. I prefer forward movement with this series. Just give us an announcement that it’s in development by the Tri-Force. Please and thank you Nintendo.

  3. Personally, I would like to see a chibi-style F-Zero game, similar to to Mario Kart (So I can tell who I’m actually playing as, or a F-Zero beat’em up spin-off, where Captain Falcon actually DOES bounty hunting and can use Falcon Punch.

    But fans are so crazy these days, they’ll so much as put a gun to Captain Falcon’s head if he so much as sets one foot outside his car.

  4. GX was a masterpiece of a game, but the “arcade” style of music never sat well with me. I hope we get a new F-Zero game someday, but it should be more like F-Zero X in the audio department. And also in terms of the field of view (the devs nailed it with that comment of it becoming to wide).

  5. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4; Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch!}

    Maybe it’s sadly time to accept F-Zero is dead & the only future left for it is Captain Falcon as a Smash character & Ganondorf as his slower, bigger, more powerful knockoff character. :/

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