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Troll And I Coming To Nintendo Switch August 15

We already knew that Troll And I was coming to Switch but we now know when. Troll And I will be arriving on Nintendo Switch on August 15. Maximum Games announced the release date today and provided us with a trailer for the occasion. You’ll be able to play through the game on your own or you can lend a Joy-Con to your friend to play couch co-op to complete puzzles and fight off enemies in a mysterious forest.

Discover a world of magic and mayhem as you traverse a brutal wilderness, playing as both an adolescent boy, Otto, and his unlikely companion – the fierce and giant Troll. Switch seamlessly between the two, using their unique strengths to fight enemies, solve puzzles and survive in the unforgiving Scandinavian forest. Embark on the journey alone or grab a buddy and play side-by-side in split-screen multiplayer to experience the adventure together.


17 thoughts on “Troll And I Coming To Nintendo Switch August 15”

    1. That’s giving it too much praise, it’s more like a dirty diaper left in the sizzling sun for two months before its dumped into a dumpster full of rotting food and spoiled milk

  1. Ridley X3 {Jaded Ninty fan. Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4. Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch; just need cloud storage, add external HDD support, & to eliminate the need for that stupid Nintendo Switch Online App on smartphones.}

    All hail the Third Party Support! So when is No Man’s Sky hitting the Switch? lol

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