Full Hey! Pikmin Soundtrack Posted Online

The full Hey! Pikmin soundtrack has been posted on YouTube by Dystifyzer. While the game doesn’t release until July 28th, Dystifyzer has managed to get his hands on the game’s atmospheric soundtrack. I’m reviewing the game at the moment so I can’t say too much, but check out the playlist below.


    1. At least one good thing came from this game. who knows, it may be good but I’m not impressed by anything other than the soundtrack.

      1. ||I’ve seen 2 boss battles, it looks like a solid weapon, especially when playing with 3D obviously…||

      2. ||Delete that, just recalled it does not support 3D, this weapon is now flawed by default…||

  1. ||The soundtrack is certainly one of the best in the series…||

      1. ||Well me and Jaded_Drybones do as examples, I can’t play any 3D game without 3D at all, it just lessens the experience, except Pokemon…||

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