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Video: Monster Hunter XX 3DS / Nintendo Switch Gameplay Comparison

There’s no doubt that Monster Hunter XX will look considerably different when comparing the 3DS and Nintendo Switch versions but thanks to Arekkz Gaming on YouTube we can see both versions played side-by-side. It looks to be running great on both systems if you ask me, but check out the comparison for yourself in the video below:



  1. And companies complain about how hard it is to port games from Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you can go from 3ds to Switch with a very similar gameplay experience, you can do anything.

  2. If I were a fan of the game, and I’m not, I would sell the 3DS version and buy the Nintendo Switch one that looks pretty decent even for a Nintendo Switch at the right price. It looks so boring anyhow, I don’t see all the fuss about this.

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