Europe: New Nintendo 3DS XL – Super Nintendo Entertainment System Edition Announced

Continuing the Super Nintendo theme, 13th October sees the launch of the New Nintendo 3DS XL – Super Nintendo Entertainment System Edition. This retro-themed system’s outer shell pays tribute to the classic design of the Super Nintendo, while inside the Nintendo 3DS buttons are coloured just like the original system’s controllers. Joining this latest addition to the Nintendo 3DS family of systems on the same day are three new titles in the Nintendo Selects range: SUPER MARIO 3D LAND, Luigi’s Mansion 2, and Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Each title will be available in Nintendo eShop for £15.99.


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  1. First Japan Gets the Super Famicom new 3DS LL, now Europe gets the Super NES new 3DS XL. Is it safe to say North America is next? This is the edition I’ve been waiting for, and one of the reasons why I haven’t bought the new 3DS XL yet. But CRAP, I have SO many things I’m needing money for right now. Like truck repairs.

    And btw, how many on this site (in North America) got pissed off because of missing out on preordering the SNES Classic tonight on Best I noticed several hours ago that it was trending here on Twitter, and that’s how I found out Best Buy had preorders available. But, like always, I WAS TOO LATE. This is REALLY getting old. It doesn’t look as if Nintendo is keeping their word about having a lot more SNES Classics than NES Classics. At least, right now it doesn’t look like it. Preorders should NOT sell out that fast.

    1. A agree completelt with your budget rant.

      However, can someone once and for all explain something for me:
      How is it possible that either 1) The combined stock of Nintendo Products are so few in the United States that it makes it practically impossible to preorder?
      Or 2) That your pre-ordering systems are so immensely useless that nobody can actually get a product?

      I cannot phantom how it is never a problem for me personally to ever buy any of these things on peorder, when the whole whole internet groans every time it happens.
      I am almost certain that there is less stock per interested capita situated in Sweden than there is is the USA.

      This is not a stab at anyone, or a try at hightenig myself; I am genuinely baffeled at this point.

      For reference; I preordered my unit soon after the reveal of the product (according to the order date it was June 27’th), and all it took was a somewhat frequent visiting of my retailer of choice’s website.

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