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IGN Provides Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Preview From Gamescom

Nintendo fans that have attended Gamescom this week have been in for a treat as there’s a number of highly sought after games for them to play. Naturally a variety of gaming publications have attended too so we can expect plenty of impressions of the games that they have had time to play, and there’s been many. IGN had a chance to play a demo for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which is due to be released this fall on the Nintendo Switch and have come away from the experience with a reasonably positive preview, which you can read here. Here’s an extract from it:

I left Xenoblade’s world a little bit bewildered, a little bit overwhelmed, but ultimately completely absorbed in its wonder and promise. I’ve got much to learn about the combat system and mastering the rhythm of its battles, and while it all feels a little daunting, the world here is a beautiful one and I’m excited to train my party (and myself) to be strong enough and smart enough to conquer it. If Monolith Soft sticks to their promise of launching the game by the end of 2017, we’ll all get to explore it soon.



    1. I agree. I thought it lacked a bit of polish at E3 and it still looks the same at this point.. . I hope this game doesn’t launch with these visuals. It would be a shame if BOTW beats this game in both scale and graphics.

    2. XCX was fucking gorgeous.
      I Still have it on my “get back to it” list. It’s just such a fun game.

      If they had released it on switch, it could have bumped me off the fence to get one. I finished Xenoblade Chronicles when it released on the 3DS, so If probably get to XCX sooner if I had it on a handheld since I’m constantly on the move.

      I agree xcx looks better so far, but I’m sure Monolith will pull through and it will still be fun. X is the only game I’d put on par with Breath of the Wild.

      1. X looked very muddy, 2 doesn’t so I really don’t know why people say X looks better… oh wait, is it the art style? the fact x looked more “Realistic”
        Does it really matter if it has a more anime-look to it? Not really and i think it works

      2. don’t confuse graphics with art style, if you’re expecting the art style to change before launch that ain’t gonna happen, I think the world looks very detailed in 2, and very colourful, X was a good game but I thought it’s graphics were pretty muddy, did it affect my enjoyment? not really, graphics are never my priority, if a game is fun that’s all that matters

      3. X was really good and I put over 100 hours into it. But I’m really looking forward to a protagonist that actually has personality and speaks. Also X2 will go back to its roots as a more story focused jrpg, which I love.

        I think the main problem with X was after you get the Skells the game becomes really unbalanced. It made all my character progression up to that point all but obsolete… I think the Skells were AWSOME as transportation. But that is where the line should have been drawn. Maybe give each skell ONE unique ability in combat, but not a full on art set. It just unbalanced the game in every way, and took the fun out of progressing your main characters. Still a really good game though.

  1. As much ad I want this I almost hope it gets pushed to 2018 (OK said that sarcastically !). I don’t know about you guys but with the steady flow of games for Switch so far, I almost feel I have to rush through a game to get to the next one. That and me not having much free time and I’ve got my hands full with Switch that I hardly touch my other gaming consoles! Splatoon eating my free time now and looking forward to Mario, Skirim, Rocket League, and Breath of the Wild DLC… All due within the next 5-6 months, I will have very little room to breath if Xenoblade is thrown into the fray! A great problem to have though for Switch owners ;)

    1. Complete opposite for me. Have only played BotW on my Switch. Mario and Xenoblade can’t get here fast enough. I’m tired of my Switch collecting dust!

      1. Lol. Did you not get into Splatoon 2? Granted not all games that have come out will appeal to everyone but between Splatoon 2 and the Mario Kart 8 spurts with my wife and Arms with the kiddos, I have no time for anything else at the moment 😅

    1. I also think it looks better. I mean X had good visuals when it came to the landscape and enemies, but everything else had really low texture/polygons. X2 seems to have a better balance of visuals, where as nothing really blows you aways, but nothing really looks like PS2 graphics either.. I’d rather have a balance. Plus this game is more story focused with an antagonist that actually talks and has personality. X2 is going to be FAR superior to X in almost every way.

  2. “IGN had a chance to play a demo for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which is due to be released this fall on the Nintendo Switch”

    Uh…I swear this site needs an edit button for things like this. Didn’t they say during the holiday season?

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