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Lola Pop Will Be Coming To ARMS Mid-September 

ARMS newest combatant the charming Lola Pop will be coming to the game sometime during mid-September. The fighter is expected to be introduced to the entertaining brawler between September 11th – 20th, which is when Version 3.0 of the game will be released.



    1. Fighting games take a lot more time to balance and implement new stuff. In Lola’s case, she needs to be tested against every other fighter, with every possible ARMS combo with every character, on every stage, under the effects of items, in various locations… There is a TON of testing to make sure every possible scenario doesn’t cause the game to crash or bug out.

    2. And it isn’t just fighting games that new content needs tons of testing for. Another game that takes lots of time between new content is Overwatch. Since it released, Overwatch has seen 4 new heroes added: Ana in July last year, Sombra in November, Orisa in March, and just now Doomfist last month. They take months because of modeling, balancing, and of course testing, and since 12 heroes can be on a map at any one time, there’s a lot to test (for example, Ana throws a biotic nade which hits her friendly Reinhardt, friendly Junkrat, and enemy Tracer; meanwhile, Roadhog hooks an enemy Mei, Soldier: 76 activates his Tactical Visor, and McCree fans the hammer on a stunned Lúcio. There’s a lot going on simultaneously and it all needs to be accounted for.

      tl;dr- testing for all variables is very time consuming.

      1. }{ Don’t misunderstand me, I get why the content rollout is so slow, but for a fighting game with little to no long term competitive value, they really can’t afford to take super long with the content without creating the possibility that the casual players will get bored and move on… This game simply didn’t have enough content at launch, and now people are moving on as they usually do… }{

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