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VR References Have Been Discovered In Nintendo Switch Code

Virtual Reality has been a hot topic these past couple of years especially with the release of the Playstation VR. Nintendo has commented on the topic a couple of times when questioned by interviewers, but have said that it’s not something that they feel has mass appeal at the moment. Data miner Cody Brocious has discovered that VR released references have been found in the Nintendo Switch OS code. This might be significant or it could be something Nintendo was considering but have scrapped. Who knows?

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    1. James the Joker {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4. Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch.} says:

      “No! You’re that evil little girl!” “Can I leave him a message then?” “Sure.” Dumb, stupid bitch! xD

    2. I love this film. Watched it 10000 times.

      The message are you refering is Nintendo will make VR on the Switch?

      Yeah probably yes, but we have to wait to see it. Not in seven days as showed in the video.

  1. Well, someone at Nintendo did tell us that theyve were trying VR out while developemnt of the switch was going on. I honestly thought it was left behind during the planing stages though.

  2. the switch has a gyro in the centre unit

    the joycons hAVE GYROS IN THE JOYCONS ,kinda obvious didnt need a data miner to tell me what my eyes already see

  3. I think that we could see the Switch being used as a VR Headset for smaller games, nothing like what the PSVR, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift can do. But, some of these games will be fun and will obviously be based heavily around Miis.

    Predictions of games:
    Mii Sports VR (Sequel to Wii Sports series)
    Mii Party (Online Party Game)
    Mario Kart 9 (w/VR Support)
    Splatoon VR (Short Tech Demo that’ll be FREE)

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