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Here’s The Accolades Trailer For Sonic Mania

Within the past decade or so, there haven’t been many Sonic games that longtime fans were particularly proud of. However, that all changed with the latest entry in the series. Sonic Mania, which launched last month, is officially the highest-rated new Sonic title in 15 years. To celebrate this achievement, Sega has released an accolades trailer for the game, which you can watch below. “Thanks to all of you for making Sonic Mania a great success!,” reads the video description from the publisher. “We couldn’t have done it without you. It really is a game by the mania, for the mania.” Sonic Mania is available now on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch.


  1. I get the feeling Forces will fall flat on it’s face.. leaving SEGA to figure out “wow.. what are we doing wrong?”.
    I just don’t think Sonic is very strong in 3D.. then again, I think the issue is SEGA themselves.. or rather.. SONIC Team.
    I don’t think they understand the series anymore.
    Fans understand it better than SEGA themselves.
    I’ve played 3D and 2D games not made by sonic team that blows what sonic team makes out of the water.
    So, I think sega has a lot to figure out.

    1. I played few Sonic 3D game and these games are
      Sonic Heroes
      Sonic & the black Knight
      Sonic Colours

      To me the best one is Sonic Colours and I love it. To me is that Sega tried many experiment on 3D Sonic and never found a perfect style for Sonic. Maybe Adventure 1&2 were the good style for Sonic but I cannot tell it because I never played it.

      1. Adventure was fun but im not sure sega can pull it off again. If I were to dream of a 3D sonic game, it would be closer to colors but with multiple campaigns, each differing like in adventure. If there was going to be an adventure 3 I’d be skeptical for sure.

    2. I disagree. I think Sega is part of the problem, they can’t be trusted to always make a good game anymore… but mainly its the fans. Sega is the perfect example of a company that listens too much to their fans and not enough to their own vision. You need to find a mix. I mean look, sonic colors was great, generations was great… then fans said ‘we want an adveture styled game, not just press A to win…’ we get sonic boom. See, experimentation is great… just don’t take it to far. Keep the elements from colors and add to it. im hyped and worried for forces but seeing as they obviously took some pointers from sonic mania for classic sonic and they seem to be going off of colors gameplay for modern sonic is good. Now they just need level design. Then the next sonic game can stop relying on classic sonic and build off of colors gameplay. I really like what i see from modern sonic so far (except the level design seems… well its only the begining of the game we’ve seen so hopefully its not all poor.) I think that it should be the future of sonic games, Colors styled gameplay with the camera switching sometimes to make it 2.5D. As for 2D sonic’s future I think they should still have 2D games but seperate from the 3D games. perhaps make a 2D sonic game with modern graphics or hand drawn graphics. I they wanted they could use the classic sonic from generation’s physics to make a new 2D adventure. The future of Sonic really depends on forces, if its bad… it could mean sega quits on 3D alltogether… if it is good it means they have a formula to follow for future games

  2. Sonic Mania has literally brought me back to being a Sonic fan and it feels great. The level design still blows me away! Sonic Mania 2 HAS to happen. I’d hope for at least A new character… Amy ftw?! I would hope that they would make completely original stages (though the argument that 66% of mania’s stages are old ones is crap. The stages feel completely fresh and the act 2s are basically completely different stages) and still with remixed old ones. Maybe even 2D versions of 3D sonic stages!

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