Bethesda’s Pete Hines Now Hints They Do Have A Unannounced Game For This Year

You may remember that earlier this week Pete Hines said in an interview that Bethesda have an announced game that would release this year. Hines then denied the claim, but has since admitted that they may have something in store for people this year. Obviously platforms haven’t been mentioned and there’s no hint regarding what the game is. What would you like to see from Bethesda?



  1. I’m calling it, it’s the rumoured Fallout 4: GOTY Edition for Nintendo Switch or Fallout 4: Switch Edition.
    I think this because they saw how everyone was delighted by the Nintendo Switch port of Skyrim Special Edition for Nintendo Switch, they probably decided to give the Switch Fallout 4 as well, with all the trimmings (All DLC + Amiibo Support)

    1. Delighted? I thought most people were uninterested in the game because it’s yet another port of a six year old game. Many people at least seem to be telling Bethesda to just let Skyrim die already.

      1. Weird, because all I’ve heard was nothing but PRAISE from people who’ve gotten their hands on the Switch version of the game and many got excited when they heard the rumour of a possible Fallout 4: GOTY Edition being ported to Switch.

        1. I don’t say that people doesn’t want Skyrim or Fallout on Switch, but there is a lot of people who doesn’t care/even dislike those games and doesn’t care for either the Switch nor PSVR version since those games are old news. You can’t really mean you haven’t noticed?

  2. I played fallout 4 on PS4 for some hours, I think 10 hours.. and the game is so boring in my opinion, sorry if you like but for me the game is very meh. Lost money for me.
    I hope it’s a new IP from Bethesda.

    1. I agree. The Fallout games desperately lack personality, in my opinion. The characters and worlds are so uninteresting. It’s.. very bland. Too gray and dull.
      I did find Skyrim a lot more fun, but I still had the same problem with the characters. I can’t even recall a single character’s name from Skyrim. There were at least some fun qualities about it though, in terms of gameplay.

    1. Like many games I skipped, I’d really be into this one if it would be released on the Switch. Not sure how good I feel playing Doom while sitting next to my kids going to sleep, but it would definitely be something that fits to the concept of the console. Jump in and just have 3 minutes of fast-paced fun or get on the couch to play for hours.
      Would be a better fit than many other franchises they own although I’d totally hope for a Fallout-game and afetr I only played F4 with all the DLC to death, I’d even prefer F3.

  3. Fallout is definitely a very good game. I already bought it on PC though, and so many else. Anyway would sell some copies, definitely.

  4. My biggest fear is, it’s Elder Scrolls 6 and Nintendo asked them to wait with the announcement until they’ve released Skyrim on the Switch as it would really not feel as cool anymore to play the previous game of that series. Still it would hurt a bit as it would only be a short timespan for the Switch-version to really shine.

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