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UK: Nintendo Switch Is Outselling Xbox One But Far Below PlayStation 4

If you were wondering how the Nintendo Switch is fairing in the United Kingdom we now have the answer. Former MCV journalist Christopher Dring has revealed that Nintendo Switch sales are above Xbox One but far below the PlayStation 4.

UK sales of Switch are slower compared with other markets. But doing ok. Currently ahead of Xbox One for the year (but well behind PS4)


  1. Pretty much what I expected, with the shortages and all. If Nintendo were producing more units to introduce into the market, they’d almost certainly be making more money. (as long as they didn’t overstock, which would be pretty hard/stupid to do)

  2. As a Nintendo fan I am disappointed to live in a country that is so dominated by Playstation but on the plus side it usually means it is easier to get hold of limited run stuff😊

      1. They are doing that in London too. It’s 280 if you want one with out a box and dock(anyone say some one got mugged?) or 350 complete and boxed or some where in between depending on condition/accessories/etc.

      1. Hello Gruntilda the fact that I didn’t put Pikmin 4 isn’t about I hate that game. Basically I didn’t play any Pikmin game, not even the first. That’s why I didn’t add this game on the card.

        But if there were the VC I’m going to play the first.

    1. No problem my fuzzy bear friend, I needed to find a rhyme to comprehend. These rhymes are not always easy to attend. But I cant be a let down, Grunty has lots of fans.

  3. To me, I like both Nintendo and Playstation. Both have good games and good consoles (not counting the PSVita, it is shit). Both do have faults, because there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect console’ in my opinion. But Microsoft is fucking trash and ridiculous.Plus, Xbox games are like mostly gun games (like COD) with ten year olds. Just my opinion, that’s all.

    1. Most of Sony’s big guns are 3rd person shooters. CoD, Battlefield, and Destiny have all sold better on PS4. PSN is filled with vile children that constantly drop the N word, homophobic slurs, and are just over all full of hate. The tides have changed, you can have your opinion, but facsts dont lie, and all those shooters with dude bros sell better on the PS platform.

      1. Yeah, but me and my brother don’t even play games that are shooters on PS4, we play some visual novels and JRPGS, and I don’t have PSN, my bro does and he plays Overwatch. Don’t want any stupids 10 year olds screaming at me for no reason. I, in my opinion, prefer Nintendo and PC because I get the controls more easier and the games are more fun.

  4. Honestly, I ditched my PS4 Pro as I rarely played it and I had games like Uncharted 4 and… well that was really the only exclusive I had, but I did have other games as well as the PSVR, but then I got Oculus Rift and I was interested in getting the Xbox One X so I just ditched the PS4 Pro. I only had like 10 games on the system.

    On my Nintendo Switch on the other hand, I’ve been playing the thing since Day One and I’ve been having a hell of a time!
    I’ve gotten over 32 Games on the system and I’ll have 34 Games by September 22nd when Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Pokken Tournament DX comes out. I think I’ve actually pre-ordered more games for the Nintendo Switch than any console I’ve owned. It still doesn’t beat my PC’s 400 Games library, but that was from years of gaming on PC.

    This is coming from a PC Gamer, and I will say that the Nintendo Switch really won me over with it’s unique style and the fact I can play games like Dragon Ball, Pokken, LA Noire, Steep, Skyrim and many other 1st and 3rd party titles on the go and in the home.

    Switch truly is what a console should be.

    1. That final statement is debatable, for me and a lot of other people the portability of the console is a gimmick since we’d only use it as a home console (I’d have no other use for it as I don’t care for gaming on the go). Now the selection of games is a real turn off since the only two games remotely interest me are Xenoblade 2 and that Fire Emblem reskin of Dynasty Warriors.

  5. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

    Now that I’ve gotten rid of the idea of being a fan of video game companies, I’m thinking strongly of getting a regular Xbox One for dirt cheap so I can play Rare Replay. If I wait a bit longer, the regular Xbox One will go down even further in price.

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