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Mikami Expresses Interest In A Nintendo Switch Version Of The Evil Within 2

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners haven’t got long to wait until the horror fest The Evil Within 2 launches on the platforms. The game’s producer Shinji Mikami has told GameSpot that he would be very interested in developing a Nintendo Switch version if he had the chance. That’s not to say it’s happening, but it would be fantastic if it did.

“I think a Switch version would be interesting. I’d like to try it if I had the chance.” While not exactly confirmation that such a port is happening, it’s at least promising that such a prominent figure in the series (Mikami is acting as producer and supervisor on the sequel) would like to see it happen.



  1. Well Capcom isn’t bringing RE7 so here’s another chance for Bethesda to corner the market for a specific genre on the Switch.

    Third parties are really stupid.

    1. They ain‘t stupid, just cautious. some kids tend to believe that developing for the Switch is just an act of charity and friendship. Tell that to the 3rd parties who tried their luck with the WiiU and made a loss. it‘s a business and companies are free to decide on their own where to spend their money. And the Switch is currently proving how well 3rd party games are selling there, so the better it performs, the more 3rd parties will come on board. But calling them stupid because not everyone is just a fanboy who believes in Nintendo‘s success is just childish. During the WiiU era, 3rd parties were also called stupid but now that we see the Switch, we suddenly understand (or at least some of us) that they might have had their point.

  2. Survival horror games are a particularly loved genre for Nintendo fans. It would be cool and it would sell well. And EA should consider a Dead Space Trilogy.

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