Did You Know Gaming? Covered A Lost Pilotwings Open-World Reboot For The Wii

Did You Know Gaming is at it again with a brand new video, courtesy of video gaming researcher Liam Robertson. This time, the new video focuses on a lost open-world reboot of Pilotwings that was being developed on the Wii by Factor 5. Ultimately, the project evolved into a new IP called WeFly. We’ve included the video down below, so feel free to check it out.



  1. Uhh Hello!

    I loved this video because mother told me if I didn’t watch it I would be grounded and I’m already grounded for getting Uncle Bobby pregnant! Anyways I love this game because mother loves mii and mother is the world to mii so please love mii too Sickr! <3 :3

    Uhh Bye Bye,

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