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Monopoly Could Be Arriving On Nintendo Switch On October 31st

Ubisoft has yet to reveal when Monopoly is heading to the Nintendo Switch but it shouldn’t be too long before we get a solid releasee date from the company. A retailer listing at Target is showing that the popular board game is coming to Nintendo’s latest platform on October 31st. This date isn’t too far-fetched as games normally arrive on that day in North America. As always we shall have to take a wait and see approach.

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  1. I always wondered why the video game adaptations of Monopoly are never the special editions? You know, like Nintendo Monopoly, Legend Of Zelda Monopoly etc. It’s always just the standard, famous version. I wrote a letter to Nintendo many years ago about this, but like always it didn’t help a thing.

  2. I’ll be picking it up for my brother. He’s been bugging me a lot to play Monopoly. The idea of just picking up the pieces is just so lazy task for me. The video game won’t be a problem for that.

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