Japan: Super Famicom Mini Sold Over 368K Units During The Launch Week

It’s no surprise to hear that the Super Famicom Mini has been a huge success in Japan. The retro console has shifted an impressive 368,913 units during launch week. The regional equivalents have all shifted heavy numbers although we have no definitive sales figures as of yet. The system is sold out everywhere, but thankfully Nintendo have previously said that they will be replenishing stock.



    1. Because Sony does not own most of the PS1 classics?
      When I think of good classic Playstation games up unti PS3, pretty much all of them are third party.

      1. They dont own the ones that represented the ps1 like Spyro, Crash, and FF, but Nintendo doesnt own FF, Ninja Gaiden, Super c, Megaman or Castlevania, and they still made it work.

        It could have Gran Turismo, Ape Escape, Legend of Dragoon, Twisted Metal 1 & 2, MediEvil 1 & 2, and Parrapa the Rappa. As for the others they just have to strike a deal with Capcom (for the X, street fighter, and RE games) SE (all the RPG’s) Konami (Metal Gear) and Activision (for Crash and Spyro.)

        Theyre clearly already have had come to an agreement seeing as all those games are already on the PSN store. So striking another deal isnt out of the question. Plus nostalgia sells, the NES and SNES mini have proved it.

    2. The big exclusives sony owns are like uncharted, last of us, god of war, infamous. Most of which weren’t really there in the ps1 era. I’m sure they can strike some sort of agreement with third parties but that might be too much work and would be easier to just release it in the eshop

    3. They aren’t used on milking their fan base. They consider themselves just the top dog, the standard for the future. They never put much effort on key characters or ‘myth’. Just the standard.

      1. I mean, theyve only remastered a ton of games this gen AND last gen (they practically started the whole Remastered Collection thing,) so yeah, they dont milk anything at all. lol

          1. You can call it whatever you want, at the end of the day its Sony rereleasing OLD games and charges a premium for them. If it makes you feel better about them, then call it “filling holes.” At least with Nintys way, I can just pay the $80 and play all those games without having to buy a console thats $200 and said games.

            1. Do you understand that Nintendo is producing a piece of hardware with 20 games included at 80$. How do you compare those very different products? Nintendo too did a Mario Kart rerelease, that’s a completely different product.

              1. Yes, a piece of hardware that comes with 20 games that are priced at $10 in the eShop store. You do the math.

                Oh yes, im well aware of Ninty rereleasing MK8, theyre also rereleasing Pokken, and im sure a bunch more are getting ported.

                Heres a secret, I dont care. I dont fool myself by thinking that theyre any different. All 3 of them will capitalize on anything to get your money. Why you think Sony has a standard higher than MS and Ninty is beyond me. I mean, the one new big exclusive Sony announced this year at E3 was a Remake of a remastered of a game that came out in 2005.

                Heres a bit more food for thought:
                Theyre on the 7th God of war game (and 6 previous ones have all been rereleased), they just wrapped up the 5th Uncharted game (4 of them were all in a SINGLE console and 1,2&3 have already been rereleased.) they have well over 10 Grand Turismo games, but I guess youre right, Sony has a standard, they DONT milk anything.

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