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Crowdfunding For Music Creation Software ‘Rytmik Studio’ For Switch Has Begun

Originally released on the Nintendo DSi, a new version of Rytmik Studio could be making its way onto the Nintendo Switch if the $10,000 crowdfunding goal is met. A crowdfunding page on Indiegogo for the music creation software has popped up and at the time of writing, with 11 days left, 14% of the funding goal has been met. Here’s a description of the title from the developer:

“Rytmik Studio is a music creation software based around a beautifully simple, yet wonderfully powerful concept. It’s flexible, instant and fun. Create a basic melody in a few steps, compose a great song in a few minutes, and show your musical flare with a whole range of instruments and effects. Rytmik Studio combines a step sequencer and a wavetable synthesizer. All this is supported by a built-in library with over 1200 samples, hundreds of instrument presets and dozens of sample songs.”

Head on over to the crowdfunding page here if you wish to pledge your support.



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