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A Star Wars Battlefront II Dev Says That A Switch Version Is “Not Something On The Books Right Now”

Six months ago, the Star Wars Battlefront II dev team were asked about a Switch release. At the time, they said “that one is a question for another day”. Well, that day seems to have arrived. GameSpot and Motive Studios producer David Robillard recently talked about the game, where the question was once again brought to the team’s attention. This time, they gave a more specific answer. A Switch release “is not something that’s on the books right now.” The good news is that this isn’t something permanent. Robillard says that they might explore a Switch release in the future “if we see opportunities there”.



  1. Good, I would rather play the REAL Star Wars Battlefront 2, anyways. Please port that one over, thank you! I know for a fact it’ll run without a problem!

    1. And you too Activision for not delivering CoD even when it’s clear that Switch is doing a lot better. Also, I’m looking at you UbiSUCK for not giving us Watchdogs 2 or Rainbow Six without that cancerous UPlay crap. Wait until GTA5 comes…

        1. Random ass Mario/Rabbids nobody asked for, another Rayman Legends port that, again, nobody asked for especially after what they did with the first game…remember that little delay stunt on a completed game just so they can port it but stupidly launch it with GTA5? And Steep…I guess it’s too much to port FarCry 4 that has the same setting but more exploration and plot. That feels like a cut/paste job to pass it up as a game. Also, I rather buy SSX instead. I get more enjoyment snowboarding than playing a hiking game or I’ll just watch Breaking Point movie. Oh, not to mention that they could pull another Rayman Legends on our ass with Steep since they’re barely talking about it. Just you wait.

    1. More like “it’s too much work and money to port on an inferior console” That inferior console is currently kicking PS4’s ass without a sweat and with more AAA current titles coming, it’s gonna get even better.

      1. Well, you could say that. The company is on a tight budget right now, so, they are thinking about putting there games on to Nintendo Switch as a port. Besides, Rockstar was spending thousands of dollars to make good content for GTA 5.

          1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

            *points at the Sims* I heard the previous entry of The Sims before the current one had DLC where buying every bit of it came up to over several thousands dollars. If you bought that game late in it’s life cycle & you want all the DLC in a short amount of time, you better at least be semi-rich.

  2. If it’s going to be a shirt stopped down port in the next of “The most powerful portable version of Battlefront yet”, save it. We don’t need that Shit.
    Get back to Nintendo fans when you’re ready to bring real games…. And reboot Boom Box Blox while you’re at it.

  3. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

    So who will be the next developer you bought that you bury, EA? What’s the number of devs they’ve bought & buried at now?

  4. Do not count on EA. EA thinks they can drive Nintendo out of console making.
    As long as EA thinks that, support will be very nonexistent.

    1. And if they wanna make a console to prove they’re better, then nut up or STFU EA. Also you can shove Spyware, sorry..”Origin” up your ass and drop UPlay a hello.

    1. Oh they are but this time, the jokes on them. Switch is outpacing PS4, with Mario/Sonic/Doom launching around the same 2 weeks window plus the holiday season on top of Black Friday, the sales will skyrocket. Guaranteed. Switch is now becoming a household name.

      1. Last time they did make directly “fun” of Wii U, this time was more “modest”. Iwonder how it would have been if Switch launched at the same time as PS4 and Xbox One.

        1. If Switch did happen in 2013, it would’ve been more than dominate by now with the idea of having AAA games all over and play on the go or at home. But it’s becoming dominate anyway. We would’ve had shittons of games by now and everybody would be saying Nintendo is doing much better this time without much of the whole “casual gimmicky” bullshit.

  5. I own a PC and I still don’t buy their shitty ass games! Why the fuck would I buy their shitty ass pay to win lootbox gambling bullshit now?! I’ll be damned before I ever allow a WB, EA or Activision microtransaction riddled broken piece of shit lootbox game into my house, let alone on my precious PC, PS4 pro and Switch!
    Their shitty broken gambling “games as a service” crap isn’t allowed in my house, I don’t want their filth anywhere near me!
    I haven’t bought any of the games they’ve published for years, and I’m never buying them or touching them any time soon. I’ll be happy the day those publishers go under.

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