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Syberia 1 Launches Today For Nintendo Switch And Syberia 2 On November 30th

While Syberia 1 is available today on Nintendo Switch, from Funbox Media Ltd, the Exclusive UK distributors, and on digital from Nintendo eShop, Microïds is pleased to announce Syberia 2’s release, also available from Funbox on Nintendo Switch in physical form and digital format on the Nintendo eShop, on November 30th. Thanks to the modularity of Nintendo Switch, players will be able to discover or rediscover the 2 first episodes of Kate Walker’s adventures; in their living room in TV mode or on the move in handheld mode.

Kate Walker, a young New York lawyer, is dispatched to deal with the sale of a former automaton factory hidden in the French Alps. She never thought that this task, as simple as it seemed, would change her life forever. She quickly embarked on a journey into the confines of Eastern Europe, accompanied by a very peculiar automaton named Oscar. Together they discover incredible places, filled with colorful characters, before meeting Hans Voralberg: the genius inventor, following the trails of the last mammoths found on the mythical island of Syberia, which also happens to be the last piece of the puzzle to conclude the sale and the mission of Kate.

After completing her assignment – getting Hans Voralberg to sign the papers to conclude the sale of the factory – Kate decides to abandon her perfect life in New York to help the old man realize his childhood dream. Kate, the eccentric Hans, and the automaton Oscar, make for a most unusual team, by together they set off on a brand-new journey. They are in search of the last, legendary mammoths of Syberia, in the heard of a forgotten world.

Nintendo Switch versions of Syberia 1 and Syberia 2 are developed by Koalabs Studio.
Syberia 1 is available NOW, and Syberia 2, on November 30th, 2017, both on physical and digital formats in the UK via Funbox Media Ltd

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    1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

      “It’s not like Google Search is a thing. Just look it up, lazy.” Well that’s what someone pretty much told me using sarcasm. I shot back with sarcasm of my own, though. “Yeah. It’s not like it’s a news site with the job of actually giving me the information or a gameplay trailer that I need to make an informed decision so I don’t have to look it up myself.” Some people, right?

  1. Well the first 2 games hold up really well but you can play them on an iPad or Android tablet (or their phone counterparts) for 5 bucks a piece. 30 is very steep IMO.

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