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SteamWorld Dig 2 CEO Talks Meeting With Nintendo At GDC And Their Approach To Game Development

SteamWorld Dig 2 for the Nintendo Switch has received rave reviews from critics and Image & Form CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson has revealed in an interview why he thinks that is. He says that the team are huge fans of Nintendo and that they take the same approach as them to game development, as they take their time and release the games when they’re done. Sigurgeirsson also talked about meeting Nintendo at GDC 2015 to discuss their plans for the game, which was a slightly nerve-racking experience.

“At the time it actually looked like it could launch late 2016 and I was eager for us to get our hands on a kit. I met with a Nintendo delegation at GDC in San Francisco in March that year, and was really surprised at the formality of the meeting. I’ve met with Nintendo people many times both before and after, and that was by far the most peculiar meeting I’ve had with them. A huge board-room table separated me from a five-person international Nintendo team of big wigs and I suddenly felt more jetlagged than usual. It was clear that I had to come up with some pretty suitable answers to some pretty specific questions. Luckily our release schedule for SteamWorld Dig 2 fit the bill, but I didn’t find that out until afterwards. They were as friendly as always – and very secretive.”

“Almost everyone in the office plays on one Nintendo platform or another,” the studio head said. “They’re also more or less the reason why we started making games our way. We take our time and release our games when they’re done.”



  1. Haven’t tried this game yet but I’m glad they’re all on board unlike some motherfuckers with false promises…I’m looking at you UbiSUCK and Electronic Assholes.

  2. This post got me to jump into the game again and collect the remaining few artifacts. One of the very few game that really motivated me to 100% it.

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