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Europe: List Of Nintendo Games Currently Out And Coming Soon On Switch And 3DS

There’s something for everyone this Christmas on both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo Europe has highlighted some of the games you can purchase right now, as well as some that are coming soon, such as the majestic Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Here’s what’s available and coming soon in Europe.




    1. You know how games usually have reduced graphics in split-screen multiplayer modes?
      3D on the 3DS is pretty much the same, you have to render two separate viewports to draw the two upper screens.
      Even if you keep bottom screen content light those two upper ones eat a lot of processing power, power they could’ve used to make a single picture look considerably prettier.

      And that’s what they’ve done in games like Mario Party, pooled all the power into that one render.
      Nothing lazy about it, just a general design choice.

  1. Why aren’t Kirby and Yoshi listed for 2018? We know those games are coming along with plenty others.

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