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Take Two And Rockstar Say We Are “Supportive Of The (Switch) Platform Corporately”

Take Two and Rockstar have got L.A Noire lined up for the Nintendo Switch, but many are wondering what’s next from the company which is renowned for its catalogue of high quality games. The company remains tight-lipped but says that they are supportive of the Nintendo Switch corporately.

Mike Hickey – The Benchmark Co. LLC

Yeah. Fair enough. Good. I guess, under the theme of extending your player base, Rockstar is obviously preparing to launch L.A. Noire for the Switch. Curious how you think about the opportunity for other Rockstar content on that platform?


Strauss H. Zelnick – Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

Yeah. So, in terms of our other titles for the Switch from Rockstar. Rockstar hasn’t made any announcements yet. And of course, as you know, our labels make announcements about what’s coming out. We don’t intend to do that on these calls. But clearly, the installed base for Switch has grown rapidly and it’s potentially an exciting platform. We’ve already put out a title for basketball. So, we are supportive of the platform corporately.

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    1. That should be true for everyone. And since it is making money in 2018 we will see much more support, I’m certain of it. And Nintendo needs it since I doubt it can sustain this high quality lineup (probably inherited from the Wii U).

      1. I think they can sustain the line up. The problem is I don’t think they have enough IPs so see such rapid releases… So I guess we’ll be seeing some other new IPs for the Switch other than ARMS

      2. Yes. It should be true for everyone and typically it is. What I mean though is that when they say they are “supportive of the platform corporately”, it sounds like their interest in the Switch does not extend beyond the possibility of profit. Compare that to Ubisoft which seems genuinely interested in and excited about the hardware. They were praising and talking up the Switch months before it came out.

      3. Every publishers do it for the money. And no publisher is attracted by an hardware, they just look at the markeshare and the possibility for their products to sell there.
        Developers are attracted by the hardware, but generally they just look at how much powerful it is, and since the Switch is the weaker one it should not be that much loved by developers. I knew many developers that liked the PSX, the Xbox and the Xbox 360 because those were just more powerful than the competition (and praised Xbox 360 tools). Also they looks at ease of developing. Develop for the Switch shouldn’t be so easy since its less powerful than the competion and offers multiple configurations to work on (docked, handheld, tabletop).

  1. I would love to see the trilogy port, it came to mobile devices (android and iOS). Just need to add controller support, heck! it could even use the same touch screen controls.

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