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Here’s The L.A. Noire Official Nintendo Switch Trailer

We’ve finally been given a look at the Nintendo Switch version of the engrossing LA Noire and it looks lovely. The game is due to be released this month on the platform and should keep gamers hooked for quite some time as it includes all the DLC.

Amid the post-war boom of Hollywood’s Golden Age, newly-minted officer Cole Phelps embarks on a desperate search for truth in a city where everyone has something to hide.


  1. Here’s a roundup of information:

    – Runs 1080p docked
    – 720p resolution in handheld mode
    – Game may have some pop-in during driving sequences
    – Interrogations have been streamlined
    – You now have three clear options to pick when responding to a suspect’s story
    – Good Cop: play along in a supportive manner
    – Bad Cop: get aggressive with your questioning
    – Accuse: accuse the suspect
    – These three options will now appear next to your suspect in large, noirish lettering
    – Can be played with a Pro Controller
    – You’re able to use the Switch’s touchscreen in handheld mode
    – Interact with crime scenes and clues, tapping on items to pick them up and moving them around with the drag of a finger
    – This touch functionality also makes it easier to interact with your notebook
    – Notebook has your clues, addresses and questions for suspects
    – A new simplified form of movement has also been introduced, allowing you to tap on your surrounding environment and have Cole walk towards it
    – By detaching the Joy-Con, you can use motion controls to aim and control the camera, rotate and inspect clues from various angles, and even put up your dukes and brawl
    – New unlockable outfits and two new cinematic camera angles, which allow the player to get a much wider view of a crime scene
    – Closer look with a tighter, over-the-shoulder viewpoint

  2. I saw the digital size in eShop. You (Rockstar) mean to tell me you can’t fucking afford the 32GB carts and fit the game in that?! GTA5 was just announced as the best selling game of all time, beating Wii Sports and then Minecraft after if GTA5 hits the Switch which will bump the sales up even more.

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