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Reggie Feels Confident They’ve Learnt Enough Lessons From Wii U Which Is Why Switch Is A Success

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has explained to CNN that the failure of the Wii U was responsible for the Nintendo Switch’s swift success in the marketplace. The company says it has learnt enough lessons from the previous platform and have rectified them with the Nintendo Switch.

“We worked hard for the Nintendo Switch to make it crystal clear what the proposition is. It’s a home system that you can take on the go, play anywhere with anyone, and that’s resonating.”

“We’ve addressed that with the Nintendo Switch — having a steady pace of new launches is critical,” he said.

Another issue with the Wii U was that it didn’t have “strong support” from Nintendo’s third-party partners, Fils-Aimé said.

“Whether it’s the big companies like Electronic Arts, or whether it’s the smaller independent developer, we need those companies to create content to support us. We have that now with Nintendo Switch,” he said.



  1. I have yet to understand why the Switch is such a success. It’s gotta be just the novelty. I thought I understood it when I played the amazing Breath Of The Wild. But then after several months went by with no games I really cared about, I started to wonder. I have a few new games for the Switch, but don’t have much desire to play them.

    Maybe Super Mario Odyssey will change my attitude once I get around to finally playing it. But I sure don’t like how short I heard the game is. Right now my mind is boggled in the Witcher III, and I’m getting really annoyed.

    Too bad Nintendo didn’t learn their lesson with the NES Classic. They’re STILL doing the same crap with the Super NES Classic. Not supplying to the demand. Why do they keep lying?

    1. I don’t get it either. Although I’m enjoying mine how is this system that much different from the Wii U? The OS is much better and faster I will give you that, but I don’t care about the portability and most of my friends don’t either.

      Graphically there is little difference and you can’t tell me there is going to be a ton more 1st party Nintendo titles. Maybe 2 zeldas and maybe 2 marios in the life cycle, a metroid, smash brothers, mario kart and it will be done.

      Better third support is coming because of the sales of the Switch, but why is this system selling so well? People have short memories or marketing people are simply brilliant.

      1. Once the phase out the 3ds line I think there will be a bunch of 1st party games coming, as well as the smaller good quality 3ds like titles from other Devs (such as Octopath Traveler). The fact that Doom is running on Switch andWolfeinstien 2 is coming for it, should give a pretty good indication thqt it has more power than WiiU

      2. p;dcjilgetsthem
        “Graphically there is little difference” Wrong!
        So you’re saying Mario Odyssey is on par with 3D World Graphically? haha no…

        and yes there is going to be a ton more 1st Party/Exclusive Titles
        Mario Kart
        Animal Crossing
        Ace Attorney
        Professor Layton
        New IPs
        Project Octopath Traveler
        and many many more
        not to mention the lots of third party that’s coming!

        it’s selling well due to good marketing, lots of games people are interested in and coming out soon and in the future, the portability, a lot of reasons

      3. Sorry this’ll be long, but I want to try to outline why I think the console’s been so successful so far.

        Nintendo released info on different play styles during their last earnings call. Only 20% of players play primarily in docked mode. 50% play in both docked and handheld mode. The system is being used as Nintendo intended. It really is amazing the first time you get up and rather than stop playing, you take your game with you. I think that ability to play your console games anywhere is the main driving force behind sales.

        As for 1st party support Nintendo has a lot more coming and can easily keep the pace up for a few years. Xenoblade is coming next month. Kirby, Yoshi, and Fire Emblem are coming in 2018. Metroid and Pokemon are guaranteed for the future. In addition to those, Kid Icarus, Pikmin, Animal Crossing, and Smash are among the titles that have a good chance of appearing on the system. Also keep in mind that Nintendo released two of the highest rated games of all time this year. I think they’re doing quite a bit to prove themselves and people might be anticipating the same quality critically acclaimed games for Nintendo’s other IPs.

        There’s also the promise of the 3rd party devs who have a history of developing for handhelds (Square, Atlus, etc.) Those moving on from the 3DS and Vita pretty much only have the Switch to go to. We’re already seeing games like Lost Sphear and Octopath Traveller come to Switch.

        The Switch is pretty much what the Wii U should have been. It feels like a sleek, modern gaming device as opposed to the Wii U’s bulky, fisher-price like device. The Switch by nature has the potential for a high amount of content whereas the Wii U, in retrospect, simply couldn’t have ever fully satisfied core gamers.

    2. The story in mario is relatively short, but there is a ton of post game content. I think you can finish the main story with only 150-200 moons, but there are over 900 moons in the game. It’s actually really clever how Nintendo structured the game. The main story is relatively easy so that anyone can enjoy it, but the post game gets pretty challenging for the veterans and completionists who want to go all the way.

      Snes mini stock is actually far better than nes stock was. The demand is insane though.

    3. Super Mario Odyssey isn’t short at all. I mean, I guess it depends on how you play it. If you just breeze through it and only collect enough moons to progress, you’ll reach the “end” pretty quick. But when I played the game, I felt like the story was more of just there to give some structure, but the real gameplay is in collecting the moons and exploring the worlds. I’ve put a lot of time into it and I’m at 450 moons. I’ve already beaten the storyline, but there are 830 moons to collect total, and that’ll take me ages to get! I guess I see the game as more than just the story, which makes it a lot longer.

  2. For people wondering why the Switch is selling…. It’s pretty simple. The idea behind the console is clear and resonates with:
    1. Wii owners who never quite got a successor
    2. Portable gamers… Mostly in Japan
    3. Nintendo devotees… Obviously
    4. PC or other console gamers who just want to take their games with them as they travel
    5. Kids… Cos the Switch looks more family friendly and more colorful than the PS4 and Xbox 1
    6. New casual gamers… They are still attracting the same kind of crowd they attracted for the Wii
    7. Collectors… Who just want to buy every game console in this generation

    Those are just a few customer segments. With these and even others I cannot think of, I don’t think it’s a mystery that the Switch sells so well.

  3. Sadly, they ignored things they did do right with Wii U like voice chat on the system, external HDD support, & a social media app for users of the system to chat with their fellow gamers at also right on the system (til they ruined it with limited posts and comments that shared a tiny limit of 30, hindering discussions.)

    1. I’m not particularly bothered by the lack of voice chat on the system (although I can understand the importance of it for some gamers), external HDD support is a bit of a bummer, but can be implemented in the future, and at least the Switch supports SD cards, so no big loss. Social media app can be implemented in the future too, when the userbase gets more solidified.

      Right now the Switch needs great games. And that, fortunately, it’s receiving.

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