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Bethesda Praises Nintendo And Thanks Them For Their Support And Encouragement

The relationship between Bethesda and Nintendo has certainly strengthened recently with the release of Skyrim on Nintendo Switch being a prime indicator. Bethesda has previously unveiled that they have a very close working relationship with Nintendo and hopefully the two will continue to work together to bring even more games to the Switch and beyond. Below is a tweet from the Skyrim developer thanking Nintendo for their support and encouragement.



    1. Bethesda is a spectacular AAA third party developer for Nintendo to be partnered with. A very important 3rd party. Elder Scrolls 6 is eventually going to be unveiled and if it’s coming to the Switch. What an achievement by Nintendo.

    1. Not a big fan myself, but it makes sense. If Skyrim sells well, which I’m sure it will, then chances are good for a Fallout 4 port.

    2. I would wait for the right time to port Fallout 4 to Switch if it gets an updated model down a few years with Tegra X2 so it can handle it better since Fallout 4 is quite demanding.

      1. Why though, if Doom and Wolfenstein II are going to be acceptable the extra power doesn’t really matter.
        Also, like XBO X the upgrade would just be rolled out with an update for the games.
        Also, a Switch upgrade will likely not happen for several years.
        And finally, it’s much more likely there will be an supplementary computing device that upgrades docked mode rather than a full hardware refresh. The huge install base they’ll have will all be able to upgrade much more easily and cheaper and games that require the upgrade would be more acceptable to the owners.

        1. Finally. Someone else that remembers Nintendo has that supplementary computing device that they issued a patent on.

          1. I wonder if they end up doing it though, it seems the solution that’s the most fair to their consumers, but I can also see them doing both in order to upgrade the TV mode of the install base while upgrading the whole experience of the new consumers.
            Kinda like they rolled out Wii Motion+

            It’s also possible Nintendo will first bank on the success the Switch has and not upgrade it for quite a while. Hoping 3rd parties put an effort in keeping the Switch in mind with their multiplats as the lowest common denominator.

            If the Switch is going to continue to be the succes it is that might give some 3rd parties enough incentive to do that. But it’s much easier to support the system with custom experiences and separate their projects.

            So I think when the PS4 base model and XBO (S) are starting to be less popular we’ll see the amount of multiplats that also come to Switch diminish again – unless Nintendo does something about its limitations that is..

          2. In any case, at first you only need parity at the home console front. Upgrading the full hybrid experience can come much later automatically upgrading all those games that only worked with the SCD.

            As for the implementation, it would be interesting if when the time comes they skip the Tegra X2 and go straight to the Tegra X3 chip. I’d assume the SCD will have the same chip and some very fast RAM and would be able to take over completely for some games or combine the power of the chip inside the system for the most intensive games..

            The full hardware upgrade that may be released a few years later could maybe integrate that dual chip configuration inside the tablet possibly in a more efficient manner.

    3. That’s tricky since Fallout 4 is a much more demanding title. However, I played Fallout 4 streaming to a tablet and strapped to a controller with a 3d printed attachment thingy and I can say that Fallout 4 on a handheld was pretty glorious.

      1. I’m pretty sure the port did sell well by now. If it hit 1 million by now, then it’s a solid sign of support there. I’m looking forward to buy Skyrim next. I just hope the Adventures Krystal mod becomes a DLC for the version.

  1. And I am thanking Bethesda for not abandoning Nintendo and actually putting some effort in their ports.
    This time they deserve some praise.

      1. I’d laugh but they did let Bayonetta summon her demon Gomorrah so it’s possible. (Obviously it’d be toned down like Gomorrah was.)

    1. Speaking of which, Disney is right up EA’s ass for the Battlefront 2 Microtransactions problem that led them into a CRIMINAL investigation in Belgium and Netherlands. If this spreads to more nations like US, Disney would probably pull SW license/partnership from EA to save face and finally hit EA where it hurts.

      1. I’ve actually pointed out on other websites how funny it is that Frostbite (the ammunition EA uses against Nintendo) is costing them so much manpower and money. Its nice to see those crooks getting their payment. And it isn’t the unspecified amount Nintendo paid them towards Wii U server aid.

        If what you say is true then EA will no longer be able to make the demands they made with Wii U by the time they launch their next system.

  2. I am so glad that bethesda have brought these games to Nintendo else I wouldn’t of got to experience them. I’m absolutely loving doom right now. I’ve picked up skyrim and by the sounds of it this game seems pretty dam good. I just know I’m going to be playing it for such a long time. And I can’t wait for wolfenstein. Bethesda are going to be at the top of my list like retro studios and Nintendo themselves.
    ACE !!

  3. Well Fallout 3 is better, and New Vegas is top. If you want Fallout you could ask for those ports that should be even less demaning on the hardware. Though ‘one number’ less is often a sin for many people.

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