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Super Mario Odyssey Shifts 100,000 Copies In Germany In First Three Weeks

Super Mario Odyssey has been doing exceptionally well in its first few weeks of sales. Even so much so, that the BIU Sales Gold Award was given for it reaching the milestone of 100,000 games sold in Germany alone.

The game was released on 27th October, so considering the time frame, it has proven to be popular amongst Switch users. Other parts of the EU have also seen a high number of copies sold, with France selling 120,000 at launch.

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  1. EU in General sucks when we talk about Nintendo, they are bizzaro land, where they bough consoles for the DVD they had inside in the early days, or the ability to play CD’s.

    1. Well, you look like a bizzaro by yourself. The EU (short for European Union) is a union (!) of several countries. The rest… I don’t know what you’re complaining about.
      On topic, nice to see successful numbers of “smaller” countries.

      1. What do you mean “smaller” countries?
        • Population:
        UK: 65 million
        France: 67 million
        Germany: 83 million

    2. We europeans aren’t that ‘rich’ (as depicted), have very high taxes, on products too, so we have to optimize our buying patterns buy buying objects that do multiple things instead of waste money on many products. And Nintendo stuff is usually overpriced so don’t cut it well. But Nintendo sells very well here (better than in Japan, as a whole), you can see it by the charts, just less than US.

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