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A Financial Services Firm Is Expecting The Switch To Be A Big Winner This Holiday Season

Cowen and Co is a part of the financial services firm Cowen Inc., and they recently made some promising news for the Nintendo Switch. The company did some research, including analysis of trends for the upcoming holiday season. Apparently, when it comes to consumers, this holiday shopping season is looking to be a big winner for the Nintendo Switch. Apparently, the high demand for the console could result in a rush at retail stores to get it. If so, and you’re planning to purchase a Switch, you have been warned.



        1. *giggles at just how wrong this comment would sound if not for the previous comment* xD

  1. Thank god I got my Switch at launch. Sure, I had to wait a while for more games to come to the system, but at least I wouldn’t have to worry about constantly checking Amazon, GameStop, or Best Buy and praying they were back in stock. Plus, I knew the Switch was going to be hard to find from the beginning. So even if there wasn’t anything I wanted play on the Switch at launch (which there was) I would at least have the console ready for games that I did want to play like Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, and Sonic Mania.

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