Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Has Made $10 Million So Far

Nintendo’s latest addictive mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, has proven to be quite popular with the game reportedly raking in an impressive $10 million since it launched. The news comes from Sensor Tower which tracks mobile apps and their performance. For those wondering how Pocket Camp is performing compared to Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run, Pocket Camp isn’t doing quite as well. See below for a brief insight:


“Our revenue estimates for the first nine days of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s worldwide availability ($10 million) show that the title ranks third behind Fire Emblem Heroes ($33 million) and Super Mario Run ($24 million) in terms of total player spend for the same period following these titles’ global launches. Note that the figures below are gross revenue and that Super Mario Run’s total includes both its App Store and Google Play Launches.”

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  1. I feel like while Mario Run wants you to pay into the rest of the game, and Fire Emblem encourages you to constantly expand your arsenal of heroes, Animal crossing doesn’t really press you in any way to want to spend cash. Bugs and fish respawn regularly, fruit respawns after a decent amount of time, villager requests are constant, furniture doesn’t take terribly long, the purchasable tickets are plentiful just from playing. The mine, honey and nets speed things up, but don’t really have a good enough payoff to justify buying them.

    It’s my favourite of Ninty’s mobile games so far in terms of content, but it definitely won’t be the most successful of the bunch methinks.

  2. Even though I think it’s a decent amount of money they did, I’m not an expert but a game like this doesn’t seem to take a lot of money to be made, and this is just the beginning, right? And Nintendo could be still testing the market, doing different genres of games for mobiles, different styles of play and collecting the results of it. I don’t know, it’s just my opinion. Hehe

  3. Very nice. I’m glad that Nintendo’s mobile ventures have been successful so far. While I’m not personally interested in this pillar of their games, they are really helping the company out financially. And, as we all know, more money means more games which means more money. Things are looking good for Nintendo.

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