Gameplay Footage Of Factor 5’s Cancelled WeFly Title Has Been Posted

Years ago, Factor 5 was working on an unofficial successor to PilotWings 64 that would have been released on the Nintendo Wii. The game was called WeFly, and it was a flight simulator game very similar to PilotWings. However, the game had two major differences. Firstly, WeFly was open-world, meaning that players would’ve been allowed to explore more freely. Secondly, basic VR technology was in the game, courtesy of a head-tracking peripheral for the Wii that would’ve been used to control the camera. The game was very close to release, and Nintendo was even supporting the game. Unfortunately, Factor 5 went bankrupt, so the game was cancelled. Now, Liam Robertson has managed to obtain a three-minute long trailer of WeFly that shows off plenty of gameplay. You can check out the video down below.