New Metroid: Samus Returns Trailer Explores The SR388 Data File And Spider Boost

The latest official trailer for Metroid: Samus Returns, titled SR388 Data File, explores how Samus Aran‘s mission on planet SR388 will push her to new levels of power. After acquiring the Spider Ball and Power Bomb, she can even perform the secret Spider Boost ability, which is executed by simply setting off a Power Bomb while gripping a surface with her Spider Ball, enabling her to rocket across any distance imaginable. You can see how this works in the new trailer below. Metroid: Samus Returns is available now as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive.


  1. Took me forever to figure this out. Really unintuitive feature. Regular bombs boost you only if you AREN’T clinging to a surface and the boss fight to get the power bombs really drills that mechanic into you. Then you get the power bomb and aren’t forced to use it in a way that would show off the spider boost. So how are you supposed to know that boosting from a power bomb is the exact opposite of regular bombs??

    1. Well, I guess the answer to that is “you aren’t supposed to know” (unless you experiment). After all, the mechanic isn’t needed to beat the game and I assume they intentionally made it somewhat “hidden”, for those people who like to experiment and discover things. It may be “mean” for completionists since they can’t find everything in the game without figuring this out, so there should at least have been a solid hint for this in my opinion.
      That being said, previous Metroid games have also done stuff like that already. Super Metroid had a lot of hidden moves (like the crystal flash), although those at least weren’t required for 100%, I think. Fusion and Zero Mission, on the other hand, required you to skillfully use Speed Booster storage to get some trickier items, and that mechanic was never explained in the games, you either had to already know it or just experiment. I suppose at this point it has just kinda become a thing to have stuff like that in a 2D Metroid game, even though there should at least be hints for those hidden moves in the games if you ask me.

      1. ||Like Papa Noel said above, he discovered it by watching a hologram, which in turn makes it a hint…||

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