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Here’s The New Demo Trailer For Square Enix’s Lost Sphear On Nintendo Switch

Square Enix’s Lost Sphear doesn’t arrive until next month on Nintendo Switch, but you can download its free demo right now via the Nintendo eShop. The demo offers up to one hour of gameplay taken from the full version, inviting you to take on the role of Kanata and explore the vast in-game world. To watch the official trailer for the Lost Sphear demo, check out the video below:


  1. It’s time for the main franchise of Final Fantasy to make it’s return to Nintendo even though it ain’t what it used to be! Specially before the release of the FF7 Remake the best FF ever made! Altough I personally rather buy it on my ps4 cause it will be the superior home console version. Nintendo witouth Capcom , Konami , Square Enix and Rare isn’t really Nintendo at it’s full potential , add to that all the modern day company’s like Rockstar Games,Bethesda and many more.

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