Capcom Explains Why There Was Such A Long Break After Mega Man 10

Game Informer have published an exclusive interview all about the beloved Mega Man franchise. Mega Man 11 producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya took part in the interview and the first question that came up was why was there such a long break for the Mega Man franchise after Mega Man 10. Tsuchiya told the publication the following:

“To be honest with you, when Inafune left it was a difficult atmosphere within the company,” says Mega Man 11 producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya. “It was difficult for somebody to step up and say, ‘I really want to work on Mega Man.’ Inafune-san was definitely a brand leader for the franchise. He helped pave the way for its success, and he had a lot of brilliant ideas. That’s an absolute truth. So when he left, there was a sense of emptiness, and a sense that no one was appropriate to pick up the mantle and pave a new vision for Mega Man.”


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the tip!


  1. The Capcomnian forces can still talk to Lord Inafune. At least Kazuhiro Tsuchiya has found the inspiration and get some of their best artist for do the new Megaman


      1. So it was either BS solo-Sonic games/Boom/Runners/Forces or have Sonic absent for 11 years until someone in the company decided to make a proper Sonic game (as if Naka never left).

        I guess we don’t have to worry about neither Sonic or Mega Man becoming extinct franchises (like Bubsy was at one point), where NO ONE can restore them.


  2. Too bad Inafune sucks as the head of a company & he obviously needs people OVER him to tell him NO. But yeah. After Capcom saw how big of a failure he made with Mighty No. 9, they realized they overestimated the dude’s abilities. That or he’s like Miyamoto & isn’t as great as he once was.

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    1. Miyamoto is different tho, in that he realizes he isn’t as good with design as he once was and now sticks to production and training younger developers. We’ll probably not see another Miyamoto directed game again…
      Inafune on the other hand, is making a complete joke of his companies Comcept and Intercept. Mighty no 9 ducked monkey balls and Kaio king of pirates was a $3m goof sponsored by Level 5.

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  3. “It was difficult for somebody to step up and say, ‘I really want to work on Mega Man.’ Inafune-san was definitely a brand leader for the franchise. He helped pave the way for its success, and he had a lot of brilliant ideas.”

    Really? ‘Cause based on Mighty No. 9’s results, I think him leaving might’ve actually been a good thing.
    Okay he may have been good at some point, but if he couldn’t bring the Mega Man formula that made him popular to begin with back and follows up with saying “It’s better than nothing” then that’s a bad sign.

    At this point Capcom (as frustrating and controversial as their cancellations for Mega Man games were/are) might have been better off without Inafune.

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  4. Perhaps that inafune had a great team back on capcom, cause he failed on mighty number 9. We’ll not forget that “better than nothing” so sooner, everyone was expecting an awesome game in memorie of our dear blue bomber


  5. Capcom early post-Infuna: Fuck we lost Rockman for good, no one can make a Rockman other than Infuna-Sama.

    Few moments later…..

    Mighty number 9: You will cry like an anime fan in prom night.
    Mighty number 9 got released. It was as good as the materpiece Sonic boom.

    Capcom post mighty number 9 release: Looool we thought the cunt Infuna-chun was the reason Rockman was a success LOLOL it seems Infuna can only count to 9 and potato, EVERYONE hold my beer, it’s time for Rockman since we capcom are the reason of it’s success not that money begger, good for nothing Infuna.

    To end this comment, always retire when you have a good name, don’t ever milk your carrer for quick cash, aka never go the Adam Sandler way, NEVA


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