Nintendo Switch

John Cena Milks A Cow In 1-2-Switch On Nintendo Switch

John Cena may be good at a lot of things, but does he have what it takes to milk a cow? MTV International put the WWE Superstar to the test through the Milk minigame in 1-2-Switch. To see how well he’s done, check out the video below. Nintendo teamed up with Cena earlier this year to promote the Nintendo Switch console, as part of its Unexpected Places event.


  1. Stop milking this bit. It was funny for the wrong reasons the first time, but the sales have shown that 1-2 Switch is not the kind of game they need to focus on this generation. When I tried to show the system off to people at launch, this game made them not want the Switch.

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      1. Honestly I got it just to try out the balls in the box, and that was impressive. I bought it from Best Buy with GCU and a Visa promotion, traded it in with a 50% extra trade in on Switch games two weeks later, and got $5 more for it than I paid. It probably still wasn’t worth it.


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