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Rocket League Developers Outline What’s Coming In 2018

There’s no denying Rocket League has been a huge success and the Nintendo Switch version is immensely fun. The developers behind the game have taken to their blog to thank players for their support and to outline what’s heading your way in 2018. Here’s some of the highlights!

Speaking of the new year, we have a ton of great new features and improvements in the pipeline headed your way in 2018. Our in-game Tournaments feature is still on track, though we had to delay the initial beta test until early next year. We’re going to revamp the progression system to make XP meaningful again, and you’ll be able to unlock new banners, titles, and free Decryptors on a regular interval by leveling up. There’s a ton of great “Quality of Life” updates in the works to improve your daily experience with things like inventory management, and we’re working on some new Achievements and Trophies for the hunters out there. By popular demand, we’ll also be sure to keep releasing new Dragon-themed content for your cars.

Last but not least, we’re actively working on cross-platform party support for a 2018 release. Our PsyNet Party tests this fall were a huge success – thanks again to our patient Steam playerbase for helping us out! With PsyNet Parties now stably powering the Switch platform, we’ll begin rolling it out to all of our players sometime next year.

2017’s been our best year ever at Psyonix and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. Thank you to all of our fans around the world – we can’t wait to tell you about everything else we have in store for 2018. Happy Holidays and may all of your stockings be filled with Painted items!


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