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Europe: Here’s The Nintendo Switch eShop Charts For December 2017

You might be curious to see how the Nintendo Switch eShop charts looked in December 2017. Thankfully the data has been now been published by Reset Era member Nocturnal. In Europe it was Rocket League which topped the charts for the second month in a row showing just how much demand there is for the addictive sports title. Here’s the top fifteen.

1. Rocket League(-)
2. Arcade Archives VS. Super Mario Bros(new)
3. Minecraft(+2)
4. Stardew Valley(-1)
5. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe(+1)
6. Overcooked(re)
7. Enter the Gungeon(new)
8. Super Mario Odyssey(-6)
9. Mario + Rabbids(re)
10. Xenoblade Chronicles 2(+2)
11. SteamWorld Dig 2(re)
12. FIFA 18(re)
13. Human: Fall Flat(new)
14. 1-2 Switch(re)
15. Brawlout(new)



  1. For a big casual shooter/eSports gaming country, I’m shocked to not see Doom on the list. Then again, this is Nintendo in UK. They never realize or get anything good out of it.

  2. Im from the UK and I buy Nintendo because I’m not a fan of shooters like Doom. Everyone who wants to play those sort of games just gets a PS4 and i know very few people with a switch and those that do have it share a similar dislike for that type of game so I kinda get why it’s not topping any charts. Dont know if its the same in other countries.

  3. Did they not get Tiny Metal? It’s alittle pricey but I recommend it for anyone who loves Advanced Wars. Takes a little to get used to the design and the campaign is little unbalanced, but gameplay is on point…

  4. I was hoping to see Doom on the list. It’s a really good game! I don’t ever play FPS games and I think Doom is phenomenal. To put my experience into perspective, I have NEVER played a Call of Duty game. Only FPS games that I have any experience with is James Bond and Metroid. I also vaguely remember playing Medal of Honor: Rising Sun on the Gamecube. But, that’s it! So, needless to say, I played Doom on “I’m Too Young To Die,” which is supposed to be the “easy” mode, but the game was super challenging!! I died often haha!

    Doom was my first real experience delving into the mature FPS genre. The story is great! I am so used to Nintendo’s simple (but still great in their own way) stories that it was deeply refreshing to get a taste of something new. Almost like an Aha! – moment where I realized what it is like to play a mature, third party game WITH a good campaign mode.

    Also, Doom lore is fascinating. I could spend all night looking into the history of the franchise, how the games fit together and what speculations there are about how the games could link to Wolfenstein, or who the Doomguy really is and what his story is, etc. It’s just a marvelous franchise that I feel like I stumbled on. I’d like to see it be successful so Bethesda places the inevitable sequel onto the Switch in the future. I would love to play it!

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