You Can View Thousands Of Miiverse Posts Thanks To A Fan Made Website ‘Archiverse’

Miiverse may be no more but thanks to a dedicated fan, thousands of Miiverse posts can still be viewed online over at Miiverse was active for just over 5 years but Nintendo decided to pull the plug on the social platform back at the beginning of November last year. Go and check out the website to take a trip down memory lane!

Here’s a quick rundown of the number of archived posts:

216,901,986 Replies
133,003,599 Posts
75,955,135 Screenshots
72,135,190 Drawings
8,278,693 User Profiles

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  1. And everything was fine until a pedophile send that message that started the destruction of Miiverse.

  2. Will it help me get rid of that annoying fucking blue dot that’s permanently stuck on my 3DS’ home menu on the Miiverse icon!? No!? Then what is the point in you!? D:< (lol)

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