Fire Emblem Heroes Has Been Updated To Version 2.1.0

Fire Emblem Heroes has been seeing a steady stream of updates lately, and that trend has continued with a brand new update that has just been released. The game now sits at version 2.1.0 on iOS and Android. The update is 10.65 MB on Android and 110 MB on iOS. The update isn’t a small one, as it adds a new feature and new maps. If you want to learn more about the changes, we’ve included the patch notes down below.

  • The limit on Hero Merit has been increased to 4,000.
  • Additional possibilities await in Sacred Seal Forge and Weapon Refinery.
  • A new feature to check the battle map before battle has been added.
  • New maps have been added to the Arena.
  • Bug fixes.



    1. @Fugly I am 100% with you. Nintendo, a picture of chibi robot on fire isn’t enough for us! We need more! At least give us one more image of something big like a 2.5D Zelda game or one of Metroid (either Prime or a 2D Metroid).

      1. Funny that you mentioned Metroid and chibi in the same sentence. I swear to God if I see something like that shitshow FF reveal or 2015 repeated again…

    2. Remember 2015? Don’t get hyped for anything. Just walts in without a care in the world and see if there is a surprise or two.

  1. Ignoring the Microtransaction crap, at least this game stood true to it’s original format and gameplay while being somewhat new unlike the automated New Mario Bros. runner or the somehow more boring Pocket Camp.

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