SEGA Teasing A Reveal On January 16th

Prominent developer and publisher SEGA have teased on Twitter that they have a reveal in store for fans on January 16th. It’s not clear which game or franchise they are teasing, so I guess we shall just have to wait until Tuesday to find out what it is.


        1. Sega of Japan has always been utter shit. Tom Kalinske was way too good for Sega as he was the reason Sega became such a fierce rival of Nintendo in the early to mid-90s. And what did SoJ do? They ignored him when he had the right idea that it was too soon to release the Sega Saturn… And the rest is history as we all know Sega went downhill from there.

      1. And Sega just made a deal with retro bit for them to make new dreamcast accessories, so DC is clearly something they’re moving on right now.

      1. I mean, I didn’t particularly enjoy Colors, and I skipped out on Lost World entirely. I thought Forces would be good somehow but I was heavily disappointed, so I mean no exaggeration when I think I may be done with the series.

  1. I insist on more Super Monkey Ball. Even ports of some of the older ones to Switch would be great. It’s really a shame it went dormant. SMB3D and the Wii games were still pretty good. More like the originals and on Switch though would be amazing.

  2. Are they gonna reveal the Sonic Forces we got was a joke game & we’ll be getting the TRUE Sonic Forces in the next 3-6 months!? If not, piss off.

      1. Sorry. Wrong game and journal category. is over there. Have fun defending their controversy involving criminal investigations of illegal underage gambling, $8 billion stock value loss and increase more anti-new Star Wars hate other than TLJ.

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