Did You Know Gaming? Takes A Look At The Donkey Kong Country Series

The recently announced Switch port of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze has brought the franchise back into the spotlight, and the team at Did You Know Gaming? have decided to provide fans with a video that contains “some facts, secrets, Easter eggs and history of the Donkey Kong Country series”. The video is narrated by TheCartoonGamer. If you want to see the video for yourself, we’ve provided it for you down below.



  1. Interesting video, I can see myself getting tropical freeze again, but I do, so, so want another brand new donkey Kong platformer.
    There was an interview I read somewhere just after TF was released and they were saying that they had so many more ideas up their sleeve that they could put into the game, but the time was right and all that was needed in TF was set and done, so here’s hoping for another great DK adventure (hopefully vey soon)!

    1. with tropical freeze coming out on the switch I think the soonest it would come out is 2020,which iss sad since i too would like another donkey kong county game

      1. Well that shouldn’t be the case as TF is gona be a straight port and retros obviously been up to something if it’s not metriod unless their on a totally different project

        1. I feel like they are putting tropical freeze on the switch because they don’t have an original donkey kong country game yet. They hope this will buy them some time for the people who never picked this up on the wii u. That is my speculation tho.

    2. Tropical Freeze is an outstanding game, I hope more people get to enjoy it now (without ruining it with Funky’s easy mode…) and we’ll see a new entry to the series. The TF remake has nothing in store for people who already played the game in Wii U, so i’m keeping my fingers crossed for an entirely new game in the future. Unfortunately, I believe the TF remake could be an indication a new game might be further away than I thought.

  2. If only that computer company hasn’t buy rare with that high amount of money, Donkey Kong Country and 3D Donkey Kong will be as famous as Mario is today. This is why I don’t like Microsoft. This and for not letting Banjo have true sequels and instead make bolt and nuts that what only do was damaged the Banjo franchise. I hope continue losing customers until they give up in the gaming industry.

    1. I forgot to say that I like Retro Studios job with Country Returns and Tropical Freeze but I think DK could have been more famous if Rare was still making Country games and 3D Donkey Kong games. Retro Studios was supposed to continue with Metroid Prime but apparently Nintendo didn’t treat them well (perhaps they were too strict with them) and that caused that some Retro members to leave Nintendo.
      So the Retro of today isn’t the Retro of the Prime Trilogy which may be the reason of why they preferred to work on Donkey Kong Country series (which I am surprised that they make them so well) but have abandoned the Kremlims which was an important element of the Country games as they started the plot in the first trilogy of Donkey Kong Country.

  3. Unfortunately they only discuss the old trilogy with the first game taking up the most time. :/ Would’ve liked to have a few words on the new games, too.

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