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A Nintendo Labo Was Almost Thrown Away By The Cleaning Staff For Germany’s Ratings Board

The USK is Germany’s official ratings board, similar to the ESRB in the United States. The USK rates video games very often, and video gaming items show up on their door all the time. As a result, they will get an early look at a lot of things, including the new Nintendo Labo. Unfortunately, not everything will go according to plan. According to a tweet made by the USK’s official Twitter, their cleaning staff mistakenly thought the Labo was “waste paper”, or garbage. As a result, they almost threw the Labo away. Considering they said “almost”, obviously they still have their Nintendo Labo and it’s safe and sound. As for the tweet, it is down below.

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  1. If anyone is interested, a direct translation:
    “We can FINALLY share the anecdote about how the newest Nintendo hardware was almost thrown away as waste paper by our cleaning staff.
    (No one would have believed that story until now anyway)”

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