Nintendo Switch

Legrand Legacy‏ Launching This Year On Nintendo Switch

The team behind Legrand Legacy‏ has announced that it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. Sadly we haven’t got an exact date but it’s something to look forward to. Here’s the description of the game if you are not familiar with it

A love letter to all time favorite JRPGs with a fresh take on classic turn-based combat and tactics. Buy now and discover why Legrand Legacy is the “Most Promising Game” of the year! 



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  2. I looked up some gameplay of this, and I seriously dont know what this game is trying to be. Theres turn based combat, real-time battles, and action events? It looks pretty, but I think I will wait to see more solid info about it. :-)


      1. The second entry is my favourite RPG, the third was appreciable too.
        Though I don’t see similarities between this game and Suikoden. Want you to elaborate?


  3. It is quite telling of my aesthetic preferences when strolling through my news feed I immediately stopped at this image before even knowing what the text said.

    I’m going to go look into this right now. If the game looks as cool as the art I’m in.


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